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Weekly Update ~ 2/19/2021

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The following is information about how many schools are providing in-person learning for their students. Only 29.9% of students in WA are in face-to-face school at least once per week.
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Capital Project Update

  • We are still on track for going out to bid for our shop project in Mid March.

  • The Federal CARES Act has some funding for HVAC upgrades on a competitive basis and we are looking into doing more with this project if we can get the funding.


  • It is important to continually highlight the need for vigilance in maintaining our health protocols at school and at home in order to combat the COVID-19 virus. We are still a long way from the vaccinations and herd immunity needed to relax our efforts. According to news reports, a local, non-school, basketball tournament is the source of a recent COVID outbreak causing one school to close for two weeks and impacting multiple students and staff in three other school districts. This morning a staff survey was sent out asking each individual to self-assess their COVID mitigation efforts as a way to remind our team of the safety protocols we need to continue doing. Thank you for your efforts in this.

  • Jack Denison has been leading our efforts to sell some of our surplus equipment and recently brought in $25,000 through this process.

  • The CARES acts provide some additional funds for HVAC upgrades and possible classroom expansion. We are looking into these grants and preparing to apply for HVAC controls and upgrades filter systems along with additional portables for the ES. The details on this are not out so more to come.

  • The next Supt's On with Staff will be held on Thursday, March 4 at 3:30 PM. I’ll start with updates, then, it's question and answer time. Think of it as a virtual "open office hour." I hope you continue to join in these conversations. I look forward to them each month. Join the meeting by:
  • Google Meet:

    Phone: (‪US‬)‪+1 409-420-8120‬ PIN: ‪172 308 439#‬

Parent and Community Engagement

  • In March, the Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) will be available to families. Since we are a CEP (Community Eligibility Program) school, each student will receive a P-EBT card with benefits for September - January in their name that will be mailed to them. No one needs to fill out an application. When OSPI sends their information package to the district, there will be an 800 number that we can give to families to call for answers to any questions. Families can decline benefits. Information on how to decline will be on the P-EBT card.

  • Here is a quick breakdown of how Athletic events may be attended.
    At this point, only two persons per athlete can attend home games only. There will be a maximum occupancy set that will include players and coaches. Athletes will receive two wristbands to give. If there are extra seats available, athletes can have another person attend. They will start with seniors and go down the grade levels until maximum occupancy is reached. No one can attend out-of-town games.

  • Supt’s On - A Virtual Community Connection with the Superintendent
    The next virtual meeting will be on Thursday, March 4th, at 5:30 PM for the Spanish session and 6:30 PM for the English session. Join the meeting by:
    Google Meet:
    Phone: (‪US‬)‪+1 754-702-8584‬ PIN: ‪725 828 613#‬


The Governor has moved us into Phase 2 as a region. For schools, the only major change is this allows us to have athletic competitions and it allows for school boards to meet live again but only with 25% capacity. For our boardroom, this is a limit of 12 people. We will continue to invite everyone to attend but encourage remote attendance. Anyone wishing to attend in-person will be required to pre-register with Janet Glanzer by phone at 509-486-2126 or by email to: Your contact information will be kept for 28 days. Pre-registration will ensure we stay at the 25% limit. Virtual meeting attendance seems to be working well. We are configuring the board room and camera placement so those participating remotely can see all the board members.

COVID Data Dashboard - Data for February 15 - February 19

  1. Positive COVID cases in our school community since starting school - 29
  2. New members of our school community (students and/or staff) reporting as a new positive - 0
  3. New Cohorts required to return to remote only learning (Contact or lack of staffing) - 0
  4. New Classrooms required to return to remote only learning (Contact or lack of staffing) - 0
  5. New Grade levels required to return to remote only learning (Contact or lack of staffing) - 0
  6. New Schools required to return to remote only learning (Contact or lack of staffing) - 0
  7. Staff with at least first vaccine - 65

What Every Employee Needs to Know Reminders

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