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A Peek at the Week - August 10-16, 2014

Happy Birthday

August 8 Ginger Marburger

August 9 Denyse McGrath

Specials Week 1

Monday, August 11

3:00 Leadership Team mtg

Tuesday, August 12

3:10 Faculty Mtg


Medical Alert Training

Wednesday, August 13

1:00 AP mtg

1:45-2:30 Boosterthon Kick Off

Thursday, August 14

Boosterthon huddles begin

Friday, August 15

8:25 Fire drill

8:35 Management Team mtg

10:00 PTA Executive Board

Saturday, August 16

Kudos on a Great Start

All the planning and hard work you put into the opening days of school are paying off. This has been our smoothest opening yet. Thank you for welcoming the children and giving them a hundred reasons to love learning and to love you.
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Curriculum Nights

Tuesday, August 19 PK-2

6:00-6:25 1-2 FOCUS Parent Mtg & PK curriculum session

6:30-6:55 PTA and Overview in cafeteria

7:00-7:35 Teacher Session I

7:40-8:15 Teacher Session II or special area, special ed meet n' greet

Thursday, August 21 3-5

5:45-6:25 3-5 FOCUS Parent Mtg

6:30-6:55 PTA and Overview in cafeteria

7:00-7:35 Teacher Session I

7:40-8:15 Teacher Session II, special area, special ed, instructional support meet n' greet, Chorus Parent Mtg

Please show parents how to access the children's eCLASS page. Also remind them to stop by the media center and/or chorus meeting.

GTES Pre-conferences

Jonathan sent out pre-conference schedules to all teachers. Please check your date and time to ensure that there are no conflicts.

This time will be used to review past performance data, discuss academic goals and define expectations within the evaluation system. Please bring your computer.

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Wednesday, August 13

1:45-2:30 Kick Off in the gym

Thursday, August 14 - Thursday, August 21

Huddle - assembly room on Hall D

11:20-11:35 4th

11:35-11:50 1st

11:55-12:10 3rd

12:35-12:50 2nd

12:55-1:10 K

1:15-1:30 5th

Friday, August 22nd - Fun Run Schedule

9:15-10:15 2 & 3

10:15-11:15 K & 1*

11:15-11:45 PK

12:45-1:45 4 & 5*

**1st and 5th switch lunch

10:50-11:30 5th

12:35-1:10 1st

Wednesday is the kick off rally for Boosterthon. We will begin calling classes at 1:35. Please do NOT bring your students to the gym until your class is called. The students will be dismissed from the gym at 2:25.

It's Hot Out There

It is the beginning of the year again and it is hot. While we are having this hot weather the Health and Physical Education Office will once again be sending out information on safety issues for the first few weeks of school.

Since we will have students going outside for physical education, Teacher Directed Physical Education and other outside activities, we wanted you to have the most recent information.

You can check your immediate area by clicking on the link below. Remember that the "feel like" temperature is the heat index. Just change the zip code or city for your area.

Daily heat index from


  • Awesome start! You've made these first days the BEST ever for the kids and for our school family.
  • Thanks to Lorraine and Ginger for providing our delicious breakfast the first day of preplanning.
  • Three cheers for PTA for their help last Thursday, breakfast on Monday and for leading our charge for a new gym floor.
  • To Susan from Kindergarten. Thanks for scheduling our library time.
  • To Melissa from Kindergarten for scheduling lab times.
  • To Debbie Campbell from fourth grade for providing the grade level with an awesome lunch Tuesday at you home.
  • To Melissa Watt from Jill and Haley for helping Haley with her summer project.
  • To Angela for making nearly 90 calls to confirm and clarify transportation BEFORE the kiddos left on the first day of school. Here's to a safe and 'right way' home.
  • To Kari for working nonstop to make sure that every child is registered, scheduled and accounted for.
  • To Patrice for ensuring that all supplies were in and that we had everything we needed (and then some) for a smooth start.
  • To Camila, Dorina, Debbie, Mirella and Zakija for making this THE most beautiful and well maintained school around. Thank you!
  • To Crystal Trainer from Julie Bailey-a HUGE thank you for all you have done to guide me through this transition! You are a life saver!
  • To Ramsey Malone, Rachel Simmons, and Crystal Trainer-So love being teammates with you ladies! Thanks for all the great ideas and support!
  • To all of the primary teachers, especially Brandy Sproles, Jessica Szymanski, and Heather Watkins: I so appreciate everyone's advice, support and listening ears! You guys are the best!