KB Newsletter

December 2015 - Issue 3

Dates to Remember

December 4th - First Friday - Wear your Milton Wear or blue & gold

December 12th - December Scholastic orders due

December 18th - KB Holiday Party 2:00 - all adults are invited

December 23rd - Milton Holiday Concert 9:00 - all are invited

December 23rd - 12:00 dismissal

December 24th - January 3rd - Winter Break

*Please be sure to thoroughly read The Bugle each week for important Milton information. If you have questions about any upcoming events, please email me in advance I am happy to help you/meet with you.


In Fundations, we are nearing the completion of our first unit. We have learned the letter sounds for t, b, f, m, n, i, r, a, c, d, s, e, u, I, h, k, r, o, g, p, v, and w as well as how to recognize and form these letters. Our next unit will focus on word building and how to encode and decode words.

The children are continuing to grow as readers and writers. In Reading Workshop, we will soon begin our next unit about our reading "superpowers." The students will practice different strategies for figuring out unknown words in text.

In writing, we recently completed a unit on writing "all about" books. The children created wonderful books detailing things on which they are experts. We celebrated our hard work by having a "publishing party" with our fifth grade buddies last week.

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In math, we continue to work on recognizing five groups in numbers greater than five. We also have been telling addition and subtraction stories to help us understand equations. During Morning Meeting, we have been practicing our math routines of counting the days in school and finding partners of ten, such as 8 and 2. Our next unit will focus on addition and subtraction as well as building teen numbers using a group of ten and extra ones.

Social Studies

Over the next month, our class will be studying how people around the world celebrate holidays in December. For each country we study, the students will receive a stamp in their “passport.” The countries and traditions we are planning on covering are:

  • Mexico - The legend of the poinsettia
  • Greece - The tradition of hanging stockings
  • Israel - Hanukkah
  • Russia - St. Nicholas Day
  • Sweden - St. Lucia Day
  • Turkey—Bayram
  • Germany—The tradition of hiding the pickle
  • England - The tradition of the holiday card

We will use languages from all of these countries for our greeting during Morning Meeting. When your child brings his or her passport home later this month, ask him or her where we “visited!”

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Please send in a healthy snack each day. We are a nut-free classroom. Please help to keep all of our students safe by checking the ingredients on your child’s snack (no candy please).

Please be sure to empty your child’s homework folder each night. This helps the students manage their homework folders independently and with greater ease at school. Once a homework has been corrected, it is yours to keep.

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Things to Do at Home

  • Practice writing lowercase letters
  • Have your child show you how they stretch out the parts of a word ("like a rubber band")
  • While drawing pictures, have your child label what he or she made
  • Tell an addition or subtraction math story; have your child draw a picture/write the equation to match the story
  • Have your child read his/her sight word ring each night
  • Make cards for new words your child would like to add to his/her sight word ring
  • Practice writing numbers >10

Mrs. Bailey

I am easily accessible on email, or available to meet by appointment before and after school.