Abolishment of the Hawaiian Kingdom

Remove Forcibly from Hawaiian Monarchy

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893 would not have been possible without the role of Minister John L. Stevens, Pres. Grover Cleveland and Pres. William McKinley

If it wasn't for these important people, Hawaii would not become a state but instead it would still have their monarchy and kingdom until today. Hawaii wouldv'e become a country but still have its natural beauty without all the constrution and works they're doing today.

Historical Significance


If it wasn't for these 3 imortant people in this event, the overthrow would not have occurred at all. Some intended /unintended conseqences were how the Americans wanted Hawaii to become a state because of the strategic area/location but some unintended consequences were how they didn't realize how much culture and the monarchy mean to the Hawaiian people. By reading this flyer, I would want the reader to keep in mind of how things happened between the American and Hawaiians, also because we live in Hawaii I would want them to know how and why Hawaii became a state but also realize how Hawaii didn't want to become a state because of culture and the way they were living was satisfying. I want them to take note of the signifance events and who was involved in the anexation.

Is Hawai'i Legally and Lawfully a State of the Union

After studying the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, my opinion about the legality and lawfulness of Hawai'i becoming a state is unfair. I think that it wasn't right for the Americans to invade and conquer Hawaii without permission. It's a frustrating situation because Hawai'i had their own beliefs and culture and it's rude of how the Americans came and took that away from them. As of now, I think that the Hawaiians and people who was against it today isn't proud of how Hawai'i wasn't able to stay as is and maybe that's why today, people are trying to fight for our "Aina" because people are trying to change Hawai'i and not accepting it for the beauty that it naturally has.

Supplemental Information

Watching "Kaulana Na Pua" (also known as "Mele Aloha Aina") video, I believe that it is a hidden message so that back in the days the Hawaiians could understand and know what's going on because the Queen was locked up. It was basically talking about how the Americans came to Hawaii forcing the Queen to sign a treaty to annex Hawaii. It talked about how Queen Liliuokalani has the rights to do what she wanted because it was her thrown and her land, not the Americans. I also think that it was explaining how angry they were with the Americans and how they treated their Queen that way.
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