Homelessness in Canada

By Felix (A Kid)

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Why is Homelessness so Important, especially in Canada?

Why? Because we may live a happy life where we have our own shelter but others don't. In fact, some people don't even have the essentials to live. These people include children or adults like you. Some are even dying. And yet, people still care less. Canada is our home but is also a land of peace, freedom, and equality. Imagine you have trouble just finding food, not shelter. Something needs to be done to solve this issue.
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What is Homelessness?

Homelessness is absence of a place to live. It happens when people lose their jobs, become depressed, or simply can't keep up the rent. Homelessness is a disgrace in Canada. People here should have shelter or a place to live in so we have to do whatever we can to help.
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RaisingtheRoof.org is also an organization that helps provide shelter and education for the homeless.

Agencies that are Helping to Alleviate the Problem

The Federal Government of Canada agency called the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) are doing the Housing First approach. The Housing First approach involves finding the homeless shelter and providing them the necessary help and essentials for living to help them recover. This approach is still in development. For more information, click this link: http://actionplan.gc.ca/en/initiative/homelessness-partnering-strategy

How much Homeless people are there in Canada?

Homeless people make up about 1% of Canada's population, about 200,000 people.
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Homelessness in Canada - Take Action

Homeless Shelters

Homeless Shelters provide the homeless with shelter and other services such as food. They don't usually open. They usually only open in bad weather conditions.

How we can help?

  • Donate food in a food drive
  • Donate money to a foundation that supports homelessness
  • Give every homeless person you see a dollar at least
  • You can donate anything to a drive
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Different Perspectives

What Homeless People Think About Homelessness

According to some videos I watched, homeless people think about their family and friends like us but also think why they became homeless and when homelessness would be recognized and solved.

What Raising The Roof Organization thinks

"All members of Canadian society have access to a safe and stable home, together with the supports they need to achieve their potential."- www.raisingtheroof.org

Well, in easier words, they mean that everyone in Canada should be able to have a home.

What We Think About Homelessness

Some people like us don't really even care about homelessness but most people realize what a problem homelessness is and donates to the needy.

Why we Should Help Support Homelessness

In my point of view, homeless people were once people like us, with a family and a home. Even if they messed up doesn't mean they deserve to lose everything they have. They should have a chance to restart their regular live once again.
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