Gabriel's Gazette

August 31, 2018

Another week down...does Mr. Padilla have the count of how many weeks are left?

Thank you for another great week! So much is going on and so many parts on the move. We are tested but we pass. Yet again! Thank you!

If you have set up or have had your PDP meeting with Dirk, thank you! If not, please do that soon. Time is running out on that.


As you know, we are updating marketing material and looking to standardize some things. One of those is the logo. Below you will find the 3 different logos. The Official Logo, the fun spirit/sporty, and the corporate logo. Let us know what you think.

Lunch Orders

In the morning, please ask every student if they brought their lunch or are ordering from the cafeteria. The cafeteria workers need a good count so that they can make sure they have the proper food ready.

Lunch Room!

Please make sure the students clean up in the lunch room. It doesn't have to be spotless, but it should not be a disaster either.


Thank you for helping cover for Mario's duties as he worked on upgrading our website.

Clubs and Activities

We are still working on the policies and procedures for the clubs and activities. I assigned a few of you to co-sponsor some of the items. If you feel there should be some specific wording in the policies, please let Dirk know.

The sign-up is below.

What can we do?

Often, we think to ourselves that we don't have a say or we can't initiate change. You can. We all can but change begins with ourselves.

I encourage each and every one of you to think about ways we can do things better. Either more efficient, effective, or just simply better.

And...always remember...

Did you see Dirk's letter? Read it below.