Friedl-Dicker Brandeis

An Educator and an Artist


Friedl-Dicker Brandeis was born on July 30, 1898 in Vienna and died on October 9, 1994. She was an Austrian artist and educator murdered by the cruel nazis in Aushwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. In 1936 she married Pavel Brandeis. She was know for every piece of artwork she made. They were phenomenal! Finally she was a student of Johannes Itten at his private school and later follows to study and teach at the Weimar Bauhaus.

My Opinion

What i find most interesting and spectacular about her work is that she had nothing at first. Nothing, but she had hope, she had hope and a paint brush and some colors and she painted what she wanted to paint and what she thought about. It didn't need to be good in others peoples eyes. It was good for her. Her artwork is spectacular with more than one thing going on in the painting


Her greatest achievements came from the concentration camp in Terezin. She inspired children to make deeply moving art. Also during this time she also managed to discover theories about art therapy.


Friedl's development to become an artist was easy and hard. She got taught how to do art in her private school before she was captured by the Nazis. There she learned how to paint and draw and others. In the consintration camp she also learned there. She learned from the students just like a regular teacher would. Writers describe her artwork as modern art.


Friedl had it very hard living in Vienna they were very pior and had not a lot of protection. Very little is known about her childhood.