For Sale - Brand New Fitted House!

Asking Price - £1,650,000

Get to know this fabulose house!

This brand new and fitted house is on sale for just £1,650,000. Containing a kitchen (fully fitted), dinning room (one large oak table with six different coloured plastic chairs), indoor and outdoor pool, four bedrooms (left for you to design, each with a bathroom), lounge (sofa, TV and table), and hall (stairs, chair, bathroom under stairs, and coat hanger).

For Sale! Only £1,650,000

Swimming Pools

This luxurious house contains two swimming pools. A small 3.45m² pool lays indoors with a depth of 1.4 metres. Whilst outside lays a larger 28.73m² pool (picture to the left) with a depth of 2.5 metres.