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Facts about Cocaine

This highly addictive drug is made out of the leaves of coca plants. It's very powerful and it's capable of destroying you're personal relationships, putting you're health in jeopardy and getting in trouble with the law.

Cocaine users enjoy the short term feeling of euphoria for about 30 minutes that cocaine provides. (A feeling of happiness and joy) Euphoria just makes you feel good and calm. It makes them feel confident and energetic.

Some people that use cocaine may experience "coke bugs". It's a feeling that bugs and snakes are crawling on top and/or under your skin.

Coke can cause users to suffer from hallucinations. This includes seeing movement in their peripheral vision and hearing noises or voices that aren't really there.

Most people that use cocaine have a serious problem with being in-touch with reality. They also become very paranoid, (thinking that everyone is out to get them or pull something over on them.) They also encounter a lot of personal and social problems such as: doing illegal things, stealing from friends and family to get money to buy the drug, and not being able to keep a job because they're either always high when they show up for work, or they don't come to work because they're high.

Unfortunately, most people try cocaine for the first time out of curiosity. Also, some begin using cocaine because they think it'll help them lose weight and/or overcome depression.

Cocaine can be snorted through something like a straw, smoked, rubbed onto the gums, injected, or added to foods and drinks, depending on the form it's in.

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Some Risks That Cocaine Can Cause:

Social Risks:

- Change in personality

- Destroyed relationships

- Loss of Money

Mental Health & Behavior Risks:

- Confusion

- Paranoia

- Hallucinations

- Irritability

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Tendency to lie

Physical Risks:

- Nausea

- Seizures

- Headaches

- Fever

- Weight loss

- Death from overdose

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