Brehmer Space Flights

This is a once in a universe time trip

Why you should you go?

On this wonderful opportunity you will get your moneys worth. With experiences that you will never ever forget. Different galaxies, planets, and much much more. You will not be disappointed. All of the sights below you will be able to see.

Average and massive main sequence star

Average main sequence star- It is almost done burning through its hydrogen, reaching the end of its life cycle.

Massive main sequence star- They are fusing atoms to form helium in the core. The sun is also a main sequence star along with 90% of all the stars.

Red giant, red super giant and white dwarf

Red giant- Large star of high luminosity and low surface temperature.

Red super giant- Giant star that ran out of hydrogen. They are the largest stars known.

White Dwarf- A small dense star that is around the size of a planet. They are formed when a low mass star has used all of it's fuel.

Supernova and Neutron Star

Supernova- A star that increases in brightness rapidly and that results in a catastrophic explosion.

Neutron Star- Very small celestial object with very high density. They are thought to be the remains from a supernova.

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Black Hole, Globular Cluster, and Open Cluster

Black Hole- A place where gravity is so intense that light can not even escape it.

Globular Cluster- A large compact star cluster made of old stars on the outer part of the galaxy.

Open Cluster- A loose grouping of stars.

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Spiral Galaxy and Elliptical Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy- Stars and gas clouds concentrated in one or more spiral arm.

Elliptical Galaxy- They are kind of oval shaped and smooth and are somewhat 3-D.

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Stellar nebula, planetary nebula, and quasar

Stellar nebula- it gives a better view on a stellar nursery, where stars are being born.

Planetary nebula- A ring shaped nebula formed by gas and around aging stars.

Quasar- A massive remote celestial object, emitting large amounts of energy with a star like image in a telescope.

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Amazing Nasa Space pictures