The Neolithic Revolution

Be a farmer

why to be a farmer

Being a farmer can be very useful because it gives us longer lives. You can grow crops yourself , you can grow whatever you want without buying it . Being a farmer can be awsome because you can make tools, crop, however you want it to look or to be . Becoming a farmer can be creative because you can built your houses. Being a farmer is better than being a hunter because in farming you can domesticat animals them to help finsh your work .
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Domestication with animals

Animals are very useful they can help u with farming and make it an easy job . Farming is easy because you don't need to follow wild herds anymore .
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There are many early tools people use long ago . These tools were use for hunting in farming you don't use tools that much . You use a lot of energy in hunting than farming .
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People from long ago made houses their own . This is cool because these houses were made from twigs , grass, rockes, and many other thinges .
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Farming is less tools than hunting