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Welcome Kylie Lane!!!

As some of you may know, Daisy became a self-contained cross-cat special education teacher on Wednesday. Her program assistant is Kylie Lane, who came from Waterbury. Please say hello to Kylie when you see her in the hall and welcome her to Greenbrook!

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The Gator Hub!

New additions:

Zones of Regulation Lesson Schedule

Zones Lessons

Planbook Tutorial

Learner Song Lyrics

If any of you have anything you are using during your cross-curricular time that you'd like to share with staff, let me know and I'll add it to the Hub.

Zones of Regulation

At our SEL Committee meeting on Tuesday, many teachers shared that their teams have not been able to start Zones, with all of the new things we've been working on over the past two weeks. The committee revised the schedule for Zones, and it has been placed in the Hub for all to review. Please make sure that we are following this timeline. We'd like to be able to have all students using Zones before November.

Recess Duty

There may be times when you sub out with somebody for recess duty. Until we have a fence set up, we need for staff to be stationed at specific stations on the playground. Linde will be on the blacktop and in charge of the new large climbing structure. Her duties include monitoring any students at the tables, students on the blacktop, and the first new climbing structure. If she is ever not at recess, please make sure somebody covers this area.

We also need a staff member at the swings. This tends to be our busiest area, and also the area where we need to monitor safety the most. If we continue to have issues with the swings we might close them down for a day and have classes come out again for another modeling of the expectations.

The last area is back by the soccer field, but also watching the old climbing structure with the slides and making sure that nobody crosses the grass into the street.

*If you witness anything at recess that needs to be reported and admin is not present, please make sure that you complete a reflection form if staff is not out there. There will be some reflection forms on the cart on a clipboard.

Grade 3 Lesson Sample from the Second Step Program

Behavior Communication with Specials

This form was created by a specials teacher at Waterbury, and she shared it with me at Institute last Friday. This form is used by all teachers at Waterbury to communicate behavioral issues with teachers. The form is placed on a clipboard with a piece of construction paper on top for privacy. All students in the classroom are listed down the left, and one form is used per week. Since students often go from one special to the next, and teachers often don't get a chance to verbally communicate with all specials teachers, they've found this to be helpful in communicating any issues immediately. Any behavior plans or FBAs would be on the clipboard under this sheet.

If you feel as though this would be helpful for you, feel free to use it. It will be in the Hub.

95% Intervention and F&P

Data meetings will take place this week during your team plan. We will form our first Tier 2 reading intervention groups, and 95% intervention will start the following week.

Please remember that intervention needs to occur 5 days per week. You may not use that time for anything else unless it is during data meeting week when you will not be seeing students. Also, we've noticed that some people have moved other things around in their schedules that conflict with intervention time. Your intervention time must be at the same time the rest of your team is teaching intervention since you will be sharing students.

F&P will begin on 9/20. You can use your guided reading time in your schedule to complete this that week.

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night will be held on September 18. More information to come soon.