Rosedale Elementary Newsletter

June 2019

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Principal's Corner

Rosedale Community,

I’ve really enjoyed the last six years of serving students, staff and families here at Rosedale Elementary. It has been a great experience! I would like you all to join me in welcoming Erika Pierce who will be the new principal starting July 1st. I know she’s excited to get started and she’ll continue to support all the great things that are happening at our school. Have a great summer everyone!


Mike Strande

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Annual Family Survey

We welcome your feedback! Submit one family response on this survey

Important Dates

Kinder Registration Come to Rosedale main office; 7:30-3:30 daily

May 31: Field Day

June 4: Talent Show, 1 pm

June 10: 6th grade moving on ceremony

June 11: 6th grade jet boat trip

June 11: Kinder ceremony, 10-11:15

June 14: Last day of school; dismissal 2:35

SMART Program (Start Making a Reader Today)

A big thank you to our Parent Club President, Rhonda Powell, for starting this reading program at Rosedale! Here are some pictures of Zarita Davis presenting reading certificates and words of encouragement at our end of year reading celebration.

News from 5th Grade

Fifth grade has been corresponding with Intel Employees via the Intel PC Pal Program all school year. On May 22nd, Rosedale students met their PC Pals. They enjoyed a pizza party with their Intel PC Pals.

Patient for Pennies (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) was a great success. Rosedale raised $910.37. Thank you for all your support with this fundraiser.

Classroom Feature: PE

May 31st will be our annual Field Day. Field Day is a setup of many different activities that students can choose from to play. Activities will be setup in different areas of the gym, playground, courtyard and playing fields. It looks like it will be a hot one so make sure to dress appropriately. Any parents interested in volunteering can get in touch with me or the Rosedale parent group. We will finish out the school year with various games that can be played over the summer time. For example some of everyone’s favorite yard games such as badminton, corn hole, etc. We want everyone to have an enjoyable and active summer break!

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Parent Tips

Teach Respect and

Care for Nature

Children today spend most of their time indoors—in school, in their homes, and riding in cars instead of walking. Many are isolated from nature. Yet only by experiencing the natural world can they learn to respect and care for it.

Such caring is not just good for the environment, say experts. Positive outdoor experiences are an important part of healthy child development. They enhance learning and the quality of life over a person's lifetime.

To help your child enjoy and value nature:

  • Show how much you enjoy the natural world. Your own sense of wonder—more than scientific facts—is what will ignite your child's love of nature.

  • Model caring and respect for nature. Talking about the Earth is far less effective than doing things like gently handling plants and animals, and properly disposing of trash.

  • Go outside with your child every day. A one-time trip to the park or nature center will have little long-term impact on a child. Kids learn best from frequent exposure.

  • Begin with simple experiences. For example, focus on a single tree in a back yard or playground before venturing out into a heavily wooded area.

  • Let your child learn from touching and experiencing—rather than your teaching. Don't expect your child to watch and listen very long. Focus on your child's interests.

  • Give your child tools for investigating the environment—like a magnifying glass, water hose, bucket, shovel and rake.

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Rosedale Parent Group (RPG)

Our last Meeting of the year is on Tuesday June 11 at 7pm in the library. We’ll be voting on the new Parent Group Board for next year. Thank you to the parents who put their names in so that the RPG can continue!

President- Shawna Burbank

Secretary- Stephanie Reed

Treasurer- Christina Cook

Year Books go on sale starting Monday June 10th. The year books are $7.50. We ordered 250 books, they will be available for purchase before and after school until they are gone so don’t wait!