Always have THE Spartan Spirit!


While Athens was trying forms of government, its worst nightmare Sparta had the two kings. One king would watch the city per-say, and the other was away fighting battles and wars...

What the Spartans did best. Greeks army's said that in war one Spartan was worth 100 men.

The Spartans would fight/train so much some of them would starve them self's before they would stop.

25 Insane Reasons That The Spartans Were More Hardcore Than You



Spartans were schooled in something called a aglog,

A aglog teaches reading and writing, but there is more and age 7 yes age 7 they wear taking to fighting school, were they were taught to never fear anything, Never surrender, never quit.

They were engendered to fight and steal.


If a spartan boy was caught stealing he was flogged or beaten

Fun fact

Spartans would fight in a mountain range to bottle neck the enemy


Sparta had a 2 king government 1 to watch the city on to fight. this is so someone is calling the shots at all times. Say if an army were to attack Sparta wile the Spartans were fighting someone. They would know what to do.

wOw ThERe iS aLoT

Important buildings

  • Spartan barracks, Used to house weapons and to train in.
  • The farm house, used to house slaves and to,... farm


The Spartan would worship the God of war-Areas

The Spartan would sometimes say they descended for Hercules himself.


A Spartans Shield was like an 3rd arm.

Daily life of the Spartan

A day in a Spartan boys life was Fight school/school school. Fights and bath of wine (if baby)

They weren't really into eating wine and wheat for them.

Sparta vs Athens

Thursday, Jan. 1st 404 at 12-12am

Sparta to Athens

At an unknown time Sparta went to war on Athens They fought for years(431-404 BC) before the came out on top.


A baby Spartan boy was bathed in wine

This was thought to make him stronger


A Spartans Armor was made up of a bronze chest plate fitted to his body and a helmet
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