The Power of Perspective

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Go for your 100 nos!

See the glass as half full, look on the bright side, chin up! These are expressions often used to bolster and reinforce a positive attitude. Admittedly, I've used them with my my children and even my husband. :) In a sales business such as ours, attitude and perspective are everything as we inevitably encounter people who say no to us. There may be a myriad of reasons why the timing isn't right or the product or mission doesn't speak to them. It's in those moments where we must recognize that nos aren't personal and the power of a positive mindset is crucial to success.

Case in point, Cate Cook recently attended a networking event where she was given a totally different perspective on the word "no". At the event a woman passed a jar of prunes around the room and if you wanted one, you took one, but if you didn't, you passed the prunes. This was NOTHING personal against the person passing the prunes, only YOUR personal desire to eat a prune or not. Then she shared that everyone should go out and try for 100 NO's. She said inevitably we would collect some YESES along the way, but our ultimate goal was to get 100 NO's. So if you ask 100 people, 20 of them will say YES. Darn it!! You still need to keep asking to get to your 100 NO's. This reverse psychology changes your mindset so you don't FEAR No. It becomes a game. Don't fear NO. Realize sometimes it's NO for now, but it always has NOTHING to do with you.

It certainly changed my perspective! My new goal is not 20 YESES, it's getting to that 100th NO! And when I get there I will reward myself, perhaps with a manicure, a massage or maybe a new pair of shoes? Who knows but what I do know is that each NO gets you closer to a YES and along the way we are doing our job as Beautycounter consultants and that job is's to share our mission and educate. We are providing a very important service to people, we are helping them and their loved ones to lead safer lives and we are moving the needle on legislation. What you talk about comes about and I plan to do a lot of talking to wrack up those nos. So who's with me and how will you reward yourself for collecting those nos?

A lesson in perspective from Summit

In one of our sessions at Leadership Summit we were asked to take a blind vote on whether we enjoyed commercial airline travel or dreaded it. We then watched this interview with Louis CK and we were asked the question again. It was a powerful (and very funny) reminder about the importance of perspective. Watch and see if your perspective changes? How can you apply this shift in attitude to your business?
Louis CK - about airplane Wi-Fi

Congratulations to DC Trip Earners and those who promoted in March!

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These incredible women will be representing us in D.C. having earned the "Top of the Hill" incentive trip!

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Look at all these March Promotions! You ladies are the bombdiggety!

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Attitude is everything

Sarah Pearsall, Managing Director

Thank you for all you do to share our mission loud and proud. We are so grateful to have your voices at Beautycounter!