Leadership Day

June 3, 2016

Leadership Day is coming soon!

Our big day is sneaking up on us and the Leadership Committee wanted to touch base with everyone about the plans for the day. We have outlined important information and the agenda for the day. We felt this would be the best way to communicate all the information to everyone at once, but please feel free to contact any of the committee members if you have any questions. Thank you for everyone's help in organizing this event. It will be a great day for the kids to "shine!"

Important Information

What do you need to do to be ready for the day?

  • Please be sure that your habit presentations are ready and that the "leaders" know their role on that day.
  • We will be taking a group photo that morning. Students & teachers should come with a sign on a blank piece of printer paper that says "I am a leader..." and then they can write/ draw what they see themselves as leaders in. These signs will be held up for the group photo.
  • When the large group photo is captured, Beth Wright will be standing on a ladder. She has asked that the students stand for the photo and scrunch towards the center of the gym. Please prepare your students with these directions ahead of time.
  • When classes come into the gym they will be directed by the MC's as to where to sit. K-1 will be in front, followed by 2-3, 4-5 and 6th will be sitting across the back.
  • Student should dress as a leader on that day. If they see themselves as a leader on the baseball field they can wear their uniform. If they see themselves as a leader in Mindcraft, they can wear their Mindcraft shirt.

Day's Agenda

8:15-8:45 School-wide Assembly

Welcome by MC's: Ben Montville, Bella Campbell, Ashling Stack, Olivia LaPoint, Anna Richichi

Pledge of Allegiance: Lead by Kindergartner's Laurel Sherwood & Robbie Dobie

School-wide "Leader in Me" sing-along: Lead by Libby Pape & Ella Montville

*Media Club created l-movie with lyrics that will be projected on wall.

Introduction of Habit Presentations: Select Third Grade Students

  • Kindergarten: Be Proactive
  • First: Begin with the End in Mind
  • Second: Put First Things First
  • Third: Think Win-Win
  • Fourth: Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood
  • Fifth: Synergize
  • Sixth: Sharpen the Saw

Band Leaders Instrumental of "Star Wars":
5 & 6 select band leaders

School-wide photo: students & teachers will hold signs displaying what they are a leader in while Beth Wright takes a photo.

Closing Remarks: Select 5th Grade students


Scheduled Leadership Awards (student focused)

Little Theater Time Slots:

9:30 Int II

11:00 Primary

12:30: Kindergarten (location TBD)

1:00 Int I

Lunch Menu

It was close!

Thank you to the cafeteria staff for allowing the students to choose lunch. It was extremely close, but mozzarella sticks won!

Thank you for taking the time to have your classes participate.