Samuel Gridley Howe

The Life Of Samuel Howe

He was born in 1802 in Boston growing up he despised slavery he attended Boston Latin schools later wet to Brown university where he started taking a interest in the blind.There was a war going on in Greece and he want to fight as a soldier and doctor.After the war he started his own school for the blind sense there where no schools in America for blind and mentally disabled children.

His Life And Legacy

In 1829 he opened asylum in new England for the blind that was the very first school for the blind the only one here in America at the time. later he opened another school but with his family in Massachusetts he made many more schools for mentally challenged kids.even some school today are named after him. sadly all great people have to die on 1876 in Massachusetts. his death is unknown in 2002 he was entered in the hall of fame for being a leader and a legend in the blindness field.