Dangerous Floods

Be perpard to scream!


Floods are the most common natural disaster. Sometimes floods start from a storm or snow and ice melting. Rivers sometimes overflow after snow and ice melt. Summer monsoons bring large amounts of rain causing floods. Rain comes from clouds that form in warm air. The water droplets join together to make large droplets of rain. Floods result from days of rain. A flash flood is sudden flooding, water rising rapidly with no warning within several hours.


Floods kill people and sweep cars away and wreck homes. In 1950, 10,000 homes were wrecked and damaged in Manitoba. In 1950,100,000 people were evacuated from homes, buildings, stores. The workers were probably really busy with the people who were evacuated and the people who were in trouble. More than 2,200 people died in a flash flood after the South Fork dam collapsed.

Saftey Plan

You should try to keep out of the water if it’s possible. You should try to go to higher ground because then you can’t drown in the water. You should try not to go by power lines because you can get electrocuted and drown. You should poke a stick in the water to check and see how deep the water is. Don’t swim in the water because the current could take you away. You should prepare a disaster supplies kit, and a first aid kit. Avoid low spots because you can drown, avoid canyons too. During a flood, you should not play around high waters. After the flood, get your electricity checked before using it. Do not try to drive through a flood, because the car can fill up with water then you’ll drown. Before a flood, turn off your electricity, gas and water.

Fun Facts

A bath full of water weighs 1,600 pounds. That’s crazy how heavy that is. In southern Russia, 100 people died and 100,000 people were homeless and starving for food. Imagine being them. That would be so hard. Since 1900 floods have killed more than 10,000 people in the United States. In China rebels destroyed Kaifeng seawall; 300,000 drowned. After all the water is drained problems still may occur. The Red River flooded in 1826, 1852, 1997, 2009, 1801, 2011, 1950, 1996 and 2006. These are the top nine times it flooded. It is surprising that so many floods happen in one place. In the flood of 1950 in Manitoba there was more damage because the floodway was not built yet. Anywhere rain falls there’s a chance that there could be a flood.

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