Year 5 Weekly Update

Friday 29th May 2015

Week 34

KJS Exhibition:

The year 5 children have been invited to Kowloon Junior School to experience their exhibition in preparation for next year. We will be leaving school at 10:45 am and returning in time for lunch. Your child should have brought back a letter today about the visit. Please make sure you return the reply slip by Tuesday, 2nd June.


As part of our PE programme, we will be starting our swimming lessons next week. Please remember to bring in a $5 coin for the lockers, as well as your swimsuit, swimming cap, goggles, flip flops and towel.

Another reminder from Susan Chung, Vice Principal:

Your child has received an invitation to our ‘Mother & Daughter’ and ‘Father & Son’ evening on Tuesday 2nd June.

The evening is designed to help your son/daughter understand the changes s/he will go through to become an adult.

It is a wonderful opportunity for parent and child to learn together in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Following on from that evening, our Year 5 students will be having a couple of in class sessions on ‘Living and Growing’. In these sessions they will be shown some educational videos which cover the themes of: Changes, How babies are made and How babies are born followed by class discussions.

Please contact me at if you would like to borrow the DVD to view at home beforehand.

Golden Book

As Monday was a public holiday, there are no Golden Book winners this week.


Transdisciplinary Theme: How we Express Ourselves

Central Idea: A person's behavior and how they choose to present themselves can project aspect of their identity.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The influence of culture and social norms on an individuals self concept and self worth.

  • The arts as a form of expression

  • How appearance and behavior influence our perceptions of others.

Concepts: Form, Perspective, and Reflection


Strand: Probability & Chance

This week marked the end of our probability unit. Next week we will begin transformation of shape and location. The children's homework this week will focus on using coordinates and a compass.

Number: Pattern & Function

We will be continuing our pattern and function unit next week, with a focus on recording the rules of patterns as an algebraic expression and predicting future terms. We will also be looking into solving equivalent number sentences.

Homework this week

As your children are now in the upper school, they are expected to be completing 30-45 minutes of homework each night. This will be made up of: approx 15-20 minutes reading with an adult, 10-15 spelling work, and their weekly assigned task.

This week's homework:

This week we have a given the children an activity sheet where they must locate and describe directions using an eight point compass and coordinates, both on a map and a grid.

Dates for your diary

Other important dates:

Tuesday 2nd June - Mother/Daughter & Father/Son evening

Wednesday 3rd June - Year 5 swimming begins

Thursday 4th June - KJS Exhibition visit

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