Do What You Love Project

Gillian Saunders


I chose a computer as one of my topics because they are so useful. I'm even using one right now to type this! I think computers are interesting because of how technologically advanced they are. Job opportunities that are available with computers are clothing and beauty design, and blog or website creation.


I chose singing because it's a huge love of mine. I've always had an interest in pursuing it as a career when I'm older. Some job opportunities are singer songwriter and choir leader.


I like Christmas because it is such a happy and loving time. It interests me because it only happens once a year so it's a time to really savor.

The Help

This is a book and movie I really enjoyed. It was probably the most interesting piece of literature I've encountered. It's also what inspired me to do my 6th grade year long project on.


I chose friends as something I loves because they are people i really depend on. Friends intrest me because they keep me a happy and joyful person.


I really like Netflix because it is so entertaining. It is interesting to me because there are so many show options! Some job opportunities having to do with Netflix are director and cinematographer.


I chose tea because it's a drink I really like. It interests me because although it's just a drink, it can usually change my mood positively, which I think is cool.

Golden Gate Bridge

I chose the Golden Gate Bridge because I think its really cool that I love close to something so monumental. The way it looks with its bright colors interests me.


I chose piano because it's something I've recently been loving. Piano interests me because it is a way for me to express myself through music, which I really enjoy. Some job opportunities include musician and singer.