News from Mrs. Gaston

November 10, 2014


Our unit of study for the 2nd 9 weeks is all about Non-Ficiton Literature.

We are currently working on identifying and using non-fiction text features. We have looked at the following features:

Table of Contents


Bold Words




Maps, Charts & Graphs



We will be learning about electronic menus this week.

We will be testing non-fiction text features this Friday.

The students need to be able to find a given text feature and describe it's purpose.

Ex.) In a book about teeth, the diagram shows me parts of a tooth. If the text is talking about your molars the diagram shows me exactly where the molars are located. This helps me to understand what I have read.

Spelling Words

This weeks spelling words are from the aw, au common vowel team and some review words.

  1. saw
  2. draw
  3. law
  4. because
  5. August
  6. little
  7. small
  8. big
  9. large
  10. after

**Check out the link for a fun game students can play at home for extra practice. **

This week we will begin using spelling city for extra practice with our spelling words.

Use the following link for your students to log on and play games or take a practice test.


We are working on solving word problems and creating our own. The problems that we are focusing on haven an unknown.


Mrs. Gaston has 39 stickers. Ry'Darius gave her some more stickers. Now Mrs. Gaston has 57 stickers, how many stickers did Ry'Darius give Mrs. Gaston?

Some students will look at this problem and say

39+ what =57 or they may be able to say 39+x=57

Feel free to challenge your child with harder problems at home as well.

Some examples might be:

If Mrs. Gaston takes her stickers and divides them equally between Cali, Kaleis, and Mackenzie, how many will each student receive? Will there be any leftover?

Science & Writing

We are learning all about Forces and Motion. We will be doing an experiment this week that will test gravity. Next week the students will be deciding on their own experiments to test. We are integrating this into our writing unit. We have been working on writing lab reports and will be moving into writing a report this week.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Friday, Nov. 14th, 11:15am

380 Old Pointe School Rd

Rock Hill, SC

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Late Start

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 9am

380 Old Pointe School Rd

Rock Hill, SC

School will begin at 9:40. We will also have Pointe Time Clubs on this day.