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By: Neha G

An Exclusive Interview with Jenna Fox

San Diego News- So Jenna, how long have you been in a coma and when did it happen?
Jenna Fox- I've been in a coma for about a year when I was sixteen years old.

SDN- When you were younger, you use to do ballet right?

JF-Yes that is correct. I watched a video that showed me d my last ballet recital.
SDN- Jenna, how did you find out that you were made out of Bio Gel?
JF- Well, I found a key that went to my mother's closet. After I found the key I tricked my mother by saying that I would be taking a walk outside. Once my Mother left the room went into her closet and I saw a computer that had my name on it. I was trying to pull it out but it had a metal bracket. I kept on pulling on pulling until one of the rivets popped out. But the other one was still tightly in. Then I pounded the bracket with full force but one of my hand slips and it gets cut. I held to my chest and got a stain on my shirt. While going down the stairs I stumble and mother see my blue stain. Then my mother explains about the bio gel and how I got it.
SDN- So, how much is you?
JF- Only ten percent of my brain.
SDN- After your mother told you about the Bio Gel, did your father come from Boston?
JF- Yes he did. He explained everything about Bio Gel.
SDN- Is it true that you fell in love with a boy named Ethan?
JF- Yes, that's true and when I got older I got married to him .
SDN- What was actually in your mother's closet?
JF- It was my friends backups and mine also.
SDN- Once you found out about the backups, what did you do?
JF- Well, my grandmother, lily locked my parents outside. So I went to my mother's closet and I took the backups out of the metal brackets. Then I threw them outside my window and they all fell into the pond.

SDN-So, did you ever remember the accident at all?

JF- I did. It happened like this. Me, Locke, and Kara were going to crash a party. Locke asked my for the keys for the car. I found the keys and Kara started driving there. Soon we got caught and we were trying to escape from the car. BUt we fell of the road and crashed.
SDN-Allys your friend knew about you and the bio gel. Did she tell anyone?

JF- She did tell someone. She told her parents. She told them to report the FSEB about me. But she was a dieting that day when she told me that she told someone.Then her parents asked my father to save Allys and he did.Now she is only twenty-two percent.

SDN-That was all two hundred-sixty years ago. What is happening now.

JF-Well, I stayed with my husband Ethan for seventy years until he passed away. After he left, I got my daughter,Kayla. But everyone else in gone,dead. Except me, Kayla, and Allys.

SDN- Thank you so much Jenna for taking this interview with us.

JF-No problem.

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Obituary- Lets Honor Those People Who Passed Away

Locke Jenkins 6101-6117

16 year old Locke Jenkins died in a car accident in Route 93 going down the steep hill.

He died two weeks afterward without regaining conscious.

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National News

It looks like the FSEB has loosened up a bit. Instead of forty-nine percent, it's ten percent or also called the Jenna Standard.This new position will effect everyone in this country. Now that the FSEB has loosened a lot of people won't have to worry of surgery and about breaking the medical laws. But everyone knows that the laws can change, so don't relax yet. But a lot of people, including the government are asking them selves. What does it mean to be a human? What makes one human? Or How much additional "help" can a person receive in their life time? And everyone has opinions. Including here. Here are our opinions on this really important questions. We say that a human is basically a person that has a soul or feelings. We say that even if you have only one percent of human in you, you still are a human because you still have human in you. We say that anyone can get as much help they can get to survive but it matters on the age. Say, if you are really young, then you can get a lot of help. But if you ninety-five years old, you lived a really long life so you really don't need that much help.

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