The Curriculum Connection

April 13, 2015

Updates from Kim Halley, Chief Academic Officer

Curriculum Council Update

As you know, the Curriculum Council met three full-days this year. The highlights of their work:

· Created an implementation plan for the Grading and Assessment Task Force Findings;

· Designed online learning modules on Assessment: Evidence of Student Learning, Flexible Approach, and Monitoring Progress and Meaningful Feedback. The modules in Canvas Learning Management System will be used in 2015-16 as the basis for small group teacher PD and discussion forums;

· Revised Student Handbook Language in grades 6-12.

Summer Academy sessions around assessment practices will be offered. The Administrative team will learn more at the April 16 Principal meeting.

College Credit Plus

Per House Bill 487, Ohio students in grades 7-12 have the opportunity to earn high school and college credit through institutions of higher education at no expense to their family. Students must qualify academically and the tuition will be at a reduced rate. College Credit Plus replaces Ohio's Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) and all dual enrollment programs. Local districts pay the cost for instructor fees, semester hours, and (future years) textbooks. For 2015-16, Hilliard Schools will partner with Columbus State Community College and Kenyon College to offer CCP courses at HCSD at the ILC. Students can also choose to earn dual credit at the university campus or online courses.

The goals of College Credit Plus for all Ohio students:

· increase college access

· earn industry-credentials that lead to high-demand employment

· increase degree attainment

· provide opportunity for career exploration in grades 7-12.

In the coming months, district leaders and school counselors will develop an implementation plan for Career Advising in grades 6-12.

OPES Evaluation

Principals, please remember to verify your OPES Performance Rating on the ETPES site. Login the site at and enter your PIN. When that is complete, your Student Growth Measure will be added.

If you wrote SLOs, we will be requesting your data in the coming weeks.

Secondary Education News from Mike McDonough

New Courses at the Secondary Level for the 2015–2016 School Year


o Project Discover: This class encourages creativity and critical thinking by developing problem solving and decision-making skills. This class will be combined with Public Speaking & Presenting and taught to 7th graders at the ILC. Project Discover will culminate in an ILC TEDx Middle School event.


o Game Design: This course will prepare students to design and program games using commercial and open source programs and applications.

o Computer and Mobile Applications: Students will learn to create applications for mobile devices using a variety of commercial and open source software.

o Microbiology & Life Structures: This integrated zoology, botany, and microbiology course is designed to familiarize students with the variety of life science concepts to include studies of cells, genetics, natural selection, evolution, classification, energy exchange, roles and relationships, endangered species, and conservation.

Math iBooks Coming Soon

As we conclude our K – 12 Mathematics Alignment Project, a dedicated group of Math educators representing each of our secondary buildings will be developing iBooks for the following Math courses: Math 6; Math 7; Math 8; Pre-Algebra; and Algebra 1.

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus is a program established through HB 487 that gives students in grades 7 – 12 an opportunity to be enrolled in both high school and college course work at the same time. Students must qualify academically and the tuition will be at a reduced rate. College Credit Plus replaces Ohio’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO) and all dual enrollment programs.

For more information about College Credit Plus and its implementation in Hilliard, please visit the following link:

Elementary Education News from Jennifer Adams


Math curriculum development continues at the elementary level. While skeletal units have been created for each grade level, grade two's units are thoroughly developed. Initial feedback has been extremely positive. This summer teachers from Hilliard will continue writing detailed units to finish grades k-1 and 3-5. These units include a focus on blended learning.

S.T. Math continues to be successful at the elementary level. This online resource allows students to work with mathematical concepts in a nonverbal approach, which is extremely beneficial to our ELL learners. As teachers have become more familiar with the resource, they have been able to utilize the puzzles as rich mathematical tasks and as applications to a novel problem.

The elementary framework, supporting documents, and website have caught the attention of other educators. Districts from around the area have called requesting information, and the mathematical journey Hilliard has taken to develop these tools is being presented at the Annual NCTM conference. Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to create this unique and high quality website.

Currently, math coaches are working with literacy coaches and classroom teachers to select additional high quality picture books which include a mathematical focus. It has been several years since classroom libraries have been updated with new math literature. Thus, this year the district is working to update the math libraries of each classroom.


As you walk through classrooms in our elementary buildings, you will see many living organisms. Students across the grade levels are in the midst of learning about the life cycles of various organisms. Kindergarten students are exploring fish. First grade students are raising mealworms, and third graders are preparing for butterflies.


A district committee of elementary teachers has been working diligently throughout the year to create a website for families, which supports the development of readers. Hilliard is blessed with supportive families who have a strong desire to help their children become independent readers and writers. Based upon this strong interest in reading, it was decided to develop a website for parents. This website is dedicated to helping families support reading instruction at home. Each month a new topic is presented with tips and strategies for parents to implement as they work with their child.


Hilliard is known for high quality literacy instruction. In the past two months, we've had three different districts reach out to us requesting building visits. Specifically, they have been interested in the work we are doing with Lucy Calkins. Over the past three years, the elementary buildings have been utilizing the writing resource of Lucy Calkins. Each year an additional kit has been purchased, and at the conclusion of this school year each building will have 4 kits per grade level. Various professional learning opportunities have been offered for classroom teachers as they implement this high quality resource. The quality of work our students are producing is getting noticed and as a result other districts are requesting visits! Congratulations to our teachers and literacy coaches on their hard work!

Professional Development News from Brian Lidle

Resident Educator Program

We are wrapping up our Resident Educator program meetings this week. We will not have any more large group meetings.

Over the course of the summer this program will be going through a redesign to better fit HCSD student and teacher needs.

PD Budgets

We are going to have a meeting in the coming week or so with a focus group of principals to determine how to most fairly allocate PD funds for the 2015-2016 school year. If you are interested, please let Brian know by Friday, 04/17/15.


The ILE is set for August 5th and 6th this year; and EdCamp on August 7th. To promote our conference, each building will be given a Red Rubber Ball book to circulate among staff. In each book is a personal message from Dr. John and a QR code to register for the conference. You should be receiving these by the end of next week.

We will have an administrative dinner on August 5th, with keynote speaker Cameron Mitchell at the Ivory Room (above M). We are working on the details.

We will have a teacher/administrative dinner on August 6th, with keynote speaker Dave Burgess, also at the Ivory Room. We added this event with the idea that it would be open to all staff members at a cost. (A huge thanks to Cameron Mitchell and his folks for taking such good care of us and for making sure they met our budgetary requirements.)

SUMMER SESSION OF HILLIARD U (also known as Summer Academy)

Call for session proposals will be going out early next week and we are looking at the following dates:

June 1st - 19th & August 10th – 14th.

More updates to come.

Updates from Vicky Clark, Director of Student Support Services

Autism Internet Module Courses (Graduate Credit Available)

These courses are available free of charge. Certificate and credit options are available for a fee through Ashland University. The AIM modules are provided partially through funding to the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) from the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children.

Register at

Anti-Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Resources:

Bullying Prevention Resources - a variety of bullying-prevention resources, including Web links, fact sheets, lectures, webinars, Power Points, and training programs.

Teen Dating Violence Prevention Education - guidance and resources for dating violence prevention.

Assessment Updates from Susanne Lintz

Value-Added Linkage and eTPES

It’s that time of year again for two of our favorite activities in the spring: Teacher Value-Added Linkage and Entering Evaluation Information into eTPES!

You have a couple of options on how you would like Susanne’s support:

1. You can follow the step sheets provided and just call if you have questions.

2. You can attend one of the following help sessions where Susanne will walk you through the steps and answer questions you have. If you plan to attend one, please let Susanne know:

a. April 9th from 10am-Noon in the CO Computer Lab

b. April 14th from 8am-10am in the CO Computer Lab

3. Or you can contact Susanne to setup a time to come to your building and work with you on either of these processes.

Information and deadlines/timelines for you to keep in mind:

V.A. Linkage:

Who Participates this spring?

Teachers providing instruction in the following areas:

· Grades 4-8 – English Language Arts

· Grades 4-8 – Mathematics

· Grade 5 and 8 – Science

· Grade 6 – Social Studies

· Algebra I (for students in 9th grade or lower)

· English I (for students in 9th grade or lower)

· Physical Science (for students in 9th grade or lower)

When does linkage occur?

School Set-Up: March 23-April 14

Teacher Roster Verification: April 15-May 12

Principal Review and Approval: May 13-June 5

What do principals need to do?

Responsible for the School Set-Up and Review & Approval process.

What do teachers need to do?

Verifying their rosters


Who participates this spring?

Principals will input both the teacher performance side and student growth measures for any teacher being fully evaluated this year.

Principals will input just the student growth measures for those teachers who were rated Skilled last year and are NOT being evaluated this year.

When does the input of data into eTPES need to occur?

You have until May 10th to give teachers their final summative rating that is generated in eTPES, so you have until then to get the data entered.

What do principals need to do?

Follow the eTPES step sheets (steps 1-8). Then print the Final Summative Rating PDF and send it to HR AFTER the teacher has gone in and verified they have seen it.

What do teachers need to do?

Any teacher getting evaluated needs to log into the system and verify they have seen the final summative sheet.

Student Experience Survey:

The Spring Round of the Student Experience Survey will be given to 4th-12th grade students from May 11th to May 22nd. Use the same step sheets we used in the Fall (these were attached to an email sent to you on April 7th). Just like the fall window, we are encouraging as much participation in this as possible.

Here are the steps that need to be taken to administer the survey:

1. Buildings need to decide on a schedule. Remember, the survey only lasts about 15 minutes.

2. Teachers need to go in and create a survey for each class they teach

3. Teachers should read the Standardized Administration Procedures

4. Before students take the survey, the teacher should read aloud the “Survey Administration Script” to the students

ILC Updates from Brent Wise

5th Grade Capstone

Four of our elementary schools will be heading downtown to the Rife Center this May to share their 5th grade Capstone discovery from the year. They will be sharing their learning with local lawmakers, politicians, and other important members of central Ohio.

Project Discover

The ILC will feature a new 7th grade class this year that will focus on students thinking creatively, problem solving, and forcing them to obliterate that box we currently reference we are outside of. The students will also use this class as a chance to perfect their public speaking in a TEDx format. This class was proposed by one of the ILC teachers as a passion of hers, truly demonstrating voice and choice and pursuing a passion.

Summer School

Summer School for Credit and Enrichment Classes can be found here all registration is now open on My Payments Plus.