By: Kyle O'Brien

General Description

The average salary for a biochemist is $84,320.

Biochemist test and develop new technology to protect the environment and to prevent diseases. This job also has a predicted 10 year growth of 19%. Biochemist can work in any area from research to education.


A good university that offers a biochemistry degree is The University of California-Berkeley. It is also highly recommended that you have a doctorate degree.

How does this career effect your daily life?

This career is a very high skill level area, and if you work in it, it is very likely that you work for a government agency of university's research department. They also often have to present findings to colleagues and conducting fundraising to support their research.

Four instruments used in this job:

Plastic/ Glass Tubes

Beakers and Laboratory Flask


Graduated Cylinders

Interview 2 people as to why we should protect our freshwater ecosystem.

The first person I interviewed said that it was important because it is our water source.

The second said that we should protect it for the animals that live in them.