Princess Tovar

Setting Goals

Academic Goals: My academic goal is to go to college for my four years and graduate.

Athletic Goals: I have an athletic goal, it is to make it to the basketball team in college.

Personal Goals: My personal goal would be to get a good career so once I graduated college I would have enough money to buy myself all the important needs such as an apartment, food, and even buy myself more clothing.

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: The electronics in my household are a major role of an obstacle for instance my t.v. I can spend the whole day just watching Netflix.

Family Obstacles: Besides my household family my aunt doubts that any of her nephews or nieces will go to college and graduate.

School Obstacles: My school obstacle would to get the best grades in order to enter the college I wish to attend to chose the career.

Financial Obstacles: Some materials that I need in order to accomplish my goals are fairly expensive, such as the textbooks in college.


Teachers/Coaches: I can rely on my teachers for support and advice for the best decisions to make.

Relatives: From my relatives an individual that has always supported me and helped me is my oldest sister because she has always gives me the best moral advice.

Friends: I have a couple of friends in which I can rely on. Some of them are Aline, Yareli, Kelsey, Michelle, Kimberly, Marlene, and Ashley. The reason I chose the 7 of them is because when I think of reliable people I immediately think of them. They are considered reliable to me because generally we have the same age so we share similar thoughts and we also have the ability to communicate better since we learn from our mistakes are able to talk to each other of what we learned.

Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: I will not miss school and I don't will attend all my classes on time.

Education/Training Plan: One of my ideas to have a good education is selecting the classes in which I will learn more from.

Plan For Aquiring Needed Skills: I will determine what I need to learn and add more value.

Plans For Study and Practice: I would most likely join clubs in which they would help me acknowledge and get a deeper understanding of the subjects that I would be studying.