Africa's Musical Influences

By Mackenzie Robinson

The Lute

The African instrument the lute is an instrument with strings running parallel to the sound table. A long time ago about the time when the Renaissance was going on in Africa the lute was a popular instrument to play. This tradition of playing the lute was performed during tragedies and was often in paintings.

How the Lute has Contributed to the Development of American Music

This African musical tradition has contributed to the development of blues. The call and response format of blues is connected all the way back to African music. This music first was created in Mali, Africa and people believe that West African music is the "DNA" of the genre blues.
Relaxing Blues Blues Music 2014 Vol 2 |

The Relationship Between Blues Music and the Lute

At about the 1:20 mark in this example of American music you can hear the influence and beat of a lute through the instrumental part of this song.