We will help you be prepared for hurricanes.


A severe tropical storm characterized by high winds and heavy rain. hurricanes are a type of tropical cyclone that form over the Atlantic ocean or the Eastern Pacific ocean. They form over warm ocean waters near the equator. The warm air rises and causes lower air pressure below. This process repeats until the clouds and air start swirling. fun fact: storms that form north of the equator spin counterclockwise and storms south of the equator spin clockwise because of the earths.

5 categories

#1- Minimal damage with wind speed at 74-95 mph and the storm surge is up to 4-5.

#2- Moderate damage with wind speeds up to 96-110 mph with a 6-8 surge.

#3- Extensive damage with speeds up to 110-130 mph with a 9-12 surge.

#4- Extreme damage with speeds up to 131-155 mph with a 13-18 surge.

#5- Catastrophic with speeds up to over 155 with a storm surge up to 19+.

How to prepare for a hurricane

How to prepare for a hurricane

* get a plan

- Be aware of evacuation routes and know where your disaster preparedness kit is! Be sure to have supplies to board up windows.

* Watch for warnings being issued

- Is it hurricane season? Make sure home meets building standards.

* Warning is issued

- Leave low altitude areas. Make sure safety kit is up to date.

* Stay in a secure room

- Preferably with no windows! If there are windows, stay as far away as possible: Do not use phones.

* Stay inside!

- As the eye passes over your location the storm may seem to have disappeared but it will resume shortly.