Among the Hidden

Margaret Peterson Haddix

By Hannah Barry


Among the Hidden is a Realistic fiction .The author is Margaret Peterson Haddix and she is from the farm and now lives in Columbia, Ohio. Margaret Peterson Haddix write other books including Found , among the impostors , among the betrayed and just Ella. Others facts about Margaret Peterson Haddix The first books Margaret Peterson Haddix write was running out of time.

Summary of the book

The main character of the book is Luke .Other character in the book are Jenna and Jenna's father and Luke mom .The setting is at Luke's and at Jenna's house.The time is in the future. In the Beginning Luke said that he was brave and Luke's mom called inside now!! Luke was the third child .In the middle I found out that Luke brothers were lucky because Luke's brothers weren't a third child it was against the law to have a third children it was against the population police Luke meet a other third children named Jen .I would recommend you read this book to find out what happens to Jen .

Opinion of the book

I like this book because Luke meet a other third children named Jen .Jen pinned Luke down when he broke into her house.I like how it describes Luke's character traits.I like how it use a lot of figurative language. I would not change the ending because it's very sad and interesting I like the ending.

Connections to the book

This book reminded me of the book lighting because lighting broke the rules.This book reminded me of Rapunzel because Rapunzel is lock in the tower and hidden and can't go out side like Luke. The book reminded me of my uncle because my uncle is a third child my aunt my moms family.


I would recommend this book to my mom because my mom likes a surprising ending and a sad ending .This book was interesting .