ACE 3.0 Teacher Leaders

February 2019

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Dear ACE Family,

We embarked on a new adventure together less than a year ago and have made incredible progress. We are so grateful for your support in accelerating transformation of schools. With our 3.0 cohort, we focused on leadership teams – Administrators, Counselors, CICs and Teacher Leaders. Instead of extending the school day for students, we worked with you as teacher leaders each week to develop areas related to culture, planning, data practices and instruction.

Thank you for all of your hard work to accelerate transformation for students on your campus; this has been an amazing year thus far! As you can see in our PD calendar below, we have engaged in plenty of power-packed PD sessions while learning and growing ourselves using best practices to drive student achievement. For many, this learning has been new and you have spent the year developing and mastering these key practices. You have demonstrated the growth mindset that all leaders embody when leading others.

As we enter the final months of our first year together, let's be sure to fine-tune the skills and concepts below as we will be shifting our focus for year two. In year two, we will be focused on leadership skills to build capacity in others. We will be counting on our teacher leaders to lead the work, elevate the practices on their teams, and foster environments of growth mindset, high expectations and inspiring relationships.

In preparation for next year, we want to review two very important items coming up: (1) the 2019-2020 Teacher Leader Application Process (2) our 2018-2019 Teacher Leader Survey. Please be sure to read the information below carefully and give us your feedback.

Best wishes on the final 4 months of this school year. Remember, "The perfect ending to any day, race or project is to finish strong." -Gary Ryan Blair

Let's finish stronger than ever!

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Teacher Leader Application Process 2019-2020

The ACE program focuses on accelerating the transformation of struggling schools through strong leadership, effective teaching and high expectations so every student becomes college and career ready.

ACE 3.0 Leadership schools emphasized teacher leadership development through the use of Teacher Leaders and offered stipends for 8 hours of weekly leadership work in professional development, curriculum alignment, data analysis, PLC leadership, positive culture building, and the development of strong parent and community partnerships.

To be considered a teacher leader for the 2019-2020 school year, an application needs to be completed by February 22, 2019. Teachers will be notified regarding their application by March 1, 2019 .

Application Components:

1. Most current TEI score card (Principal's will pull from Cornerstone)

2. Completed essays/short answer responses

3. Signed agreement form (pending principal selection)

Teacher Leader Survey 2018-2019

Beginning Feb. 11th-22nd, we will be sending a survey to all 3.0 cohort members requesting feedback on this current year's implementation with teacher leaders.

This survey will help us get feedback to strengthen leadership development across our entire system and will help us know what skills teachers value in their leaders to help guide selection, training, and program structure.

It is imperative to get this feedback for planning. We would also like your feedback on being a teacher leader and have added a few additional questions to your survey to give us information on what you found most impactful about your work to guide us for future implementation.

Please take ten minutes to answer the questions on the link above. The information is anonymous and will not be linked back to your email per google survey rules.

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