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From The Principal


Just a reminder that attendance is one of our big rocks. There ahve been several teachers who have been doing a great job in following up with students who are not showing up to class - a BIG Shoutout to Mr. Ward and his efforts. All staff are expected to:

  • Take and submit accurate attendance each period.
  • Call home when students are showing a pattern of truancy or continued class cutting.
  • Contact Counselor, Administrator and/or PPW for continued absences.
  • Keep a log of all contacts.

Shortly, we will send a list of all students who are marked absent in 1st period,


We will be celebrating Homecoming this week and the many Spirit Days that go along with the annual tradition. Students are expected to be in uniform if they are not participating in the scheduled spirit day. Student love seeing teachers participate in the Spriti week whether you dress for each spirit day or attend class night or chaperone the dance or walk the pareade route. Please think about participating in one of the events.

The Pep Rally is scheduled for Friday, September 20 and period 3 will be frozen therefore period 4 will not meet. A teacher responsibilty schedule will be provided by Tuesday.


There will be 4 scheduled Lock-Down Drills this school year. The first one will be conducted this month and each one will be done at different times of the day such as lunch and transition. We will go over the responsibilities as we get closer to the date of the drill but in the meantime, refer to the Emergency Plan that Ms. Cox distributed in the beginning of the year.


The Field Trip Office is carfully reviewing all field trips and are denying any trip that does not have the proper paperwork or if the rquest in not submitted on-time. Additional changes this year require all sponsors to complete a checklist prior to approval. Students will need to have all teachers sign a permisiion slip and teachers can deny students from missing class. Please see Ms. Cox with any questions.


  • 2 grades per week
  • Be at your doors during transition. Most incidents can be prevented when there is supervison.
  • There should be an emphasis on vocabulary development. We see some "WordWalls" but there is limited use of vocabulary during the class. Refer to Ms. Mignons list of words that we should be teaching each week.

Professional And Instructional Tidbits

Thanks for being patient as we learn the new observation platform - PD360. Please click Accessing PD 360 video to view an instructional video on how to access Observations and Processes.

We have been forcusing on Vocabulary. Here is an article on Academic Vocabulary and Common Core

Shout Outs

Selena Ward and David Neagley - For planning preparing and presenting the SLO Workshops. Their work will make sure we focus on the achievemnt of our students.

Martha Mungia - For her smooth transition to a very busy school. She has been a welcoming staff member for all of our parents and a huge help to our Spanish speaking parents.

Cynthia Thomas, Phalena Washington, Cicily Marshall, Terrance Burke, Chontelle Matthews, and Suzanne Windsor - For meeting with all of our 9th grade students hwo have been identified as needing more support in order to be promoted.

Beverly Jackson and Valerie Collins - For providing leadership in their perspective departments



Ms. Jeanne Mignon September 9th

Mr. James Green September 10th

Ms. M. Smith Evans September 12th


Mr. Isaac Oke September 15th

Ms. Rebecca Hughes September 16th

Ms. Antoinette Sampson September 18th

Ms. Satura Jackson September 19th

Mr. Eric Sampson September 21st

Ms. Joyce Brown September 24st

Ms. Janet Hutner September 25th

Ms. Gupta's Corner

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

~ Steve Jobs

Upcoming Events

Spirit Week

Monday, Sep. 16th, 9:30am to Saturday, Sep. 21st, 11pm

7000 Adelphi Road

Hyattsville, MD

Class Night

Wednesday, Sep. 18th, 7-9pm

7000 Adelphi Road

Hyattsville, MD

Homecoming Dance

Friday, Sep. 20th, 7-10pm

7000 Adelphi Road

Hyattsville, MD

Homecoming Parade and Game

Saturday, Sep. 21st, 10pm

7000 Adelphi Road

Hyattsville, MD