There is a huge reward for whoever brings in this menace, Adolf Hitler. Dead or alive it does't matter.

He is nothing but EVIL.

He is the leader and founder of the Nazis. There are many reasons why we need him captured. For one his mustache is funny looking and he smells like onions. I know those are very good reasons to kill him but the main reasons are that he is in charge of concentration camps that murder and enslave tons of innocent jews. About six million died. This was known as the Halocaust.


During the Holocaust, Hitler killed Jews, homosexuals, people with disabilities, and basically anyone who was "imperfect" in his eyes. In the concentration camps that he put them in they didn't eat much at all. They were subjected to slave labor and died sooner or later of exhaustion or disease. He also put them in ovens and burned them to death. Bodies were piled up on top of even more bodies. People starved so much there that almost everyone were basically walking skeletons.

And in the Ghetto...

Specialized units, called Einsatzgruppen, killed large masses of Jews. The occupiers required Jews to be kept in overcrowded ghettos before they were shipped on freight trains to camps where if they survived the journey they were put into gas chambers and killed.
This is why we need him killed. He kills innocent people and he has terrorized most of Europe.