Baby Bassinet

By: Deanna Mace

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet- Swingin Safari

This bassinet is a grab for mothers everywhere. The expresso color, large storage space, and locking wheels is very helpful for mother. Music, womb sounds, vibrations, and nature sounds will help baby relax and feel comfortable. Also, the mattress and wall protectors will keep baby safe and comfortable.

Safety Features and Use

This bassinet includes locking wheels and a large storage basket. Also, the bassinet includes a removable mattress and sheets for easy cleaning. For the best safety use, lock the wheels when you are not moving around the house. Always use the side protectors so your baby doesn't roll or hit its' head on the wood rails, then use the canopy to protect your baby from bright lights. Never put anything in the bassinet with your newborn baby. Lastly, be conscience of the weight requirement; up to 15 pounds.


Babys R Us- Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet- Swingin Safari

Summer Infant- Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet (Swingin Safari)