Celebrating a Life: The Irritator

In loving memory of Ira Tator. 144-127 million years B.C.E.

By Lydia Margolien, The T5 Science Reporter

The Irritator challengeri Species

Irritator challengeri was one of the most interesting looking dinosaurs found. Many people wondered why this fine creature has such a crude name. The scientists obtained its skull from a commercial fossil dealer. All the scientists were shocked by the size of the snout, and they had good reason to. The fossil dealer who gave it to them had artificially elongated the skull. The scientists then had the tedious task of sorting real skull from the rest of the clay and other materials made to make the skull larger. This intriguing species sadly died out about 127 million years ago and lived during the Mesozoic period. The species did thrive for a good 17 million years, though. Irritator was found in Brazil. This dinosaur is closely related to the spinosaur, another dinosaur that was large and walked on two legs with two arms on top. Irritators were carnivorous and ate many smaller dinosaurs and fish. This animal was about twenty-one feet tall and twenty-five feet long. The head was rather large, about eighty centimeters across, with a snout very similar to that of a crocodile. The species also had a curved spine and growths sticking up from its back.

Ira Tator

Well-loved and with a knack for hunting, Ira was born about 144 million years ago in a quiet forest in Brazil, South America. She had a wonderful life hunting for fish and assorted small animals of her choice. She topped the scales at eight tons. Ira attended the Prehistoric School for Dinosaurs of Brazil of the Mesozoic Period. There she learned the basics of being a dinosaur and became the top hunter and graduated with flying colors. Her size helped as she was twenty feet tall and twenty-three feet long. One of her most remarkable features that helped in her success was her long snout on her skull that resembled that of a crocodile's. After graduating, she took a sabbatical where she hunted throughout South America and Africa. She came back to the PSDBMP and taught different hunting techniques and many students were entranced by her magnificent hunting stories. Her excellent teaching methods and her wonderful personality made it difficult for someone to dislike her. She also opened her new school, the New Mesozoic School for Elite Dinosaurs. Her friends and family wish for all other friends or acquaintances to come to her memorial service near her favorite hunting spot in Brazil. May she rest in peace. R.I.P., Ira.


Some of Ira's well-loved relatives includes the carcharodontosaurus. Both species have the same curved and spiked back. The carcharodontosaurus was slightly smaller and much longer. Also has a less croc-like snout and lived slightly more recently. Scientists hypothesize that this animal came into existence around the same time that the irritator died out. Here is a lovely picture of Ira's younger cousin, Charlie. Ira and Charlie only knew each other for a few years. Charlie will be attending the service.

Ira's Memorial

Tuesday, April 15th 127 at 10am

Ira's favorite hunting spot in central Brazil

All are invited to attend Ira's memorial. Please be dressed in scales and green, as that was her favorite look. We will have plenty of small rodents and fish available for a post-service snack. All are welcome to bring their favorite treats and refreshments will be served. Cupcakes are especially appreciated. Please attend and remember and celebrate Ira's great life that we were all a part of.

How to help keep Ira's legacy alive

Ira was a dear friend to all of us. Please send all of your messages to her twitter page or post them at the website that was made. Thank you for all of your support during this time. Also her new school, The New Mesozoic School for Elite Dinosaurs will open and all are invited to the grand opening. Date TBD.

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