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Teaching and Learning Updates-June 2016

A Vibrant, Christ-Centered Learning Community

What a great year we had. It was challenging at times, but we made great movement towards becoming a high functioning, professional learning community.

I found this quote in some of my reading and wanted to share it with you:

"Members of a professional learning community must be prepared to slosh around together in the mess, to endure temporary discomfort, to accept uncertainty, to celebrate their discoveries, and to move quickly beyond their mistakes...They must recognize that even with the most careful planning, misunderstandings will occur occasionally, uncertainly will prevail, people will resort to old habits, and things will go wrong." (DurFour & Eaker, 1998, p. 283)

This was quite a year. At times full of confusion and uncertainty, but also full of growth, learning, and collaboration. Thanks for seeing it through and ensuring high levels of learning for all (our students and ourselves).

2015-2016 Goal Update Video

2015-2016 Data Update

Curriculum Updates

As a reminder, next year we will fully implement the new social studies curriculum. We will ask that all social studies teachers create 1 unit plan for social studies each semester (2 total). We will work on units, traditional tests, and performance assessments in grade level teams during before school workshops, 1/2 day data days/PLC time, and end of quarter PLC time.

This summer, our science teachers will be gathering with the diocesan teachers to write team outcomes, course outcomes, and unit concepts/goals for science. Throughout the year, science teachers will provide feedback on this work during PLC meetings.

In August, our ACE representatives for math will gather to learn about assessments and unit design. These representatives will work to design two units during the summer. Throughout the year, the ACE math representatives will design two more units and analyze this data. The following year (17-18 school year), all math teachers will work on implementing this curriculum.

Summer Institute-You are invited!

Monday, Aug. 8th, 8am to Tuesday, Aug. 9th, 4pm

2800 19th Street Northwest

Rochester, MN

Have a blessed and safe summer!