Pacific Grove Middle School

March Newsletter 2019

School Improvement Goals: Checking Our Progress

By Sean Roach, Principal

Pacific Grove Middle School is currently deep into the third quarter of the school year, and this is a perfect time to deliver a school-wide progress report to our community.

Our school is guided by a document called the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), a document which serves as a guide for improvement efforts at our school. There are three overarching goals for 2018-2019, and they are:

1. Increase by 10% the number of English Learners, Students on an IEP and Low-Income students scoring proficient or advanced on the ELA/Math Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment between 2017/18 and 2018/19. Continue to make gains with our Latino students, low-income students, and Students on an IEP.

2. All of the Math Cohort who was enrolled in Math 180 and the Transitional Math Class will increase their scores on the SBAC aligned assessments and benchmark SMI (Scholastic Math Inventory) scores as well as the Summative test comparing 2017-18 and 2018-19.

3. Students will have access to a variety of programs, special events, and activities that provide motivation and support for academics, climate, and culture of the school.

To address the first goal, our teachers have engaged in ongoing professional development designed to use live data to identify these students and how they are progressing towards their annual goal(s). Through our Professional Learning Communities, teachers have shared intervention techniques designed to target at-risk students and provide them support quickly and effectively. These students and their performance will continue to our focus. We have also pioneered several support classes to help students in transitioning to rigorous grade-level content. As a staff, we have undertaking a professional lesson study regarding Teacher Clarity and Student Success Criteria, which aims to improve student understanding of what students are learning and how they are expected to show mastery.

The second goal targets a group of students that struggle with math, and require more rigorous and targeted math support than grade level math classes can provide. PGUSD has purchased the Math 180 program (made by the same company that created Read 180), which target areas of challenge in math and strengthens them. As with Read 180, Math 180 is intended to deliver high level intervention(s) with the goal of exiting the student from the program permanently. Last year we also created a Transitional Math class, aimed at transitioning Math 180 graduates into grade-level content. We have already seen a high degree of success with this program and now have a Language Arts equivalent. The mid-year data that we have received indicates solid growth, with roughly 27% of students already graduating from the program!

Campus culture is not only a school priority; it has a direct impact on all other facets of Pacific Grove Middle School. We offer a variety of activities for students including sports, music, plays, and clubs. All of these programs combined with our CHILL activities support our overarching cultural goal of building a culture of kindness and being of service to our school and one another.

Now, as we begin to look towards next year, we would like to hear from our parents on ways we can improve the work that we are doing at PGMS. Letters, emails, and notes are all good ways to convey suggestions, however, the most impactful way to participate is to serve on our School Site Council. If you are interested in serving on our School Site Council or have specific suggestions you would like to convey, please contact me at ( or 646-6568 ext. 309). We feel like we have an amazing school and one trait that make us special is that we are always looking to improve!

Assitant Principal's Message

Fourth Quarter Eligibility Requirements

By Jason Tovani

The end of the third quarter will be here before we know it. On Monday, March 18, marks the start of the fourth and final quarter of this school year. This last quarter is crucial. Student eligibility to participate in the end of year activities relies heavily on student behavior. Discipline related to referrals, including suspensions, may make a student ineligible to attend these events. With exciting activities like the 6th grade Swim Party, 7th graders and 8th graders attending the Promotion Dance, 8th-grade Promotion Ceremony, Picnic and trip to Great America, keeping behavior under control means end-of-year fun!

A student's eligibility may be removed by the site administrator(s) as part of any disciplinary action. Students may lose eligibility to attend these activities if suspended or by earning two or more disciplinary referrals during the 4th quarter. Administrator's discretion will be used for recurring and/or serious behavioral or disciplinary problems and may result in a student's loss of the privilege of attending these events. Below are specific eligibility requirements for each event:

6th Grade Swim Party, May 17:

• No more than one N and no U on the third quarter grade report.

• No suspensions during 4th quarter.

• Present at school on the day of the event.

7th Graders: Attending the Promotion Dance on May 30:

• No more than one N and no U on the third quarter report.

• No suspensions during 4th quarter.

• Present at school on the day of the event.

8th Graders: Great America Trip Friday, May 24:

• Students must be on track to promote academically to attend.

• Community Service Hours must be completed.

• No suspensions during 4th quarter.

• No more than two referrals during 4th quarter.

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony, May 30:

• Students must be on track to promote academically to attend.

• Community Service Hours must be completed.

8th Grade Promotion Dance, May 30:

• Students must be on track to promote academically to attend.

• Community Service Hours must by completed.

• No suspensions during 4th quarter.

• No more than two referrals during 4th quarter.

8th grade Picnic, May 31:

• No suspensions during 4th quarter.

• No more than two referrals during 4th quarter.

If you would like more information about Eligibility and Promotion and Retention, please check out the Parent Student Handbook. If you have any concerns about your child, academicallys or behaviorally, please contact Mr. Tovani or Mrs. Lawrence immediately.

We want every child to succeed at PGMS. Every child should get to celebrate their accomplishments by being eligible for these end of the year activities.

PGMS 8th Graders AP/Honors Night

Wednesday, March 6th, 6:30-8pm

PG High School Library

The A.P./Honors Information Night that was scheduled for February 13, 2019, has been RESCHEDULED for Wednesday, March 6, 2019 from 6:30-8:00 pm, at PG High School.

Spring Sportsmanship Meeting

Wednesday, March 6th, 6pm

PGMS Auditorium

Parents are encouraged to attend with their student if they signed up for Golf, Wrestling, Track and Field, and/or Tennis.

Spring Conferences Thursdays, March 7 & 14

The PGMS office will be contacting parents of students who are struggling academically to set up a group student/parent/teacher conference for Thursday, March 7 and Thursday, March 14, 2:05– 3:05 pm. These conferences target only those students who are behind, generally students who are receiving D’s and F’s.

PLEASE BRING YOUR STUDENT TO THE MEETING! It is important for them to be a part of the conversation toward improvement. Reminder, the students are released at 2:00 pm on Thursdays.

Please do not be late for your conference as the teachers are trying to see as many students as possible during the time allotted. If your plans change and you cannot make a meeting, please call the school office at 646-6568.

Shopping Early?

Believe it or not, 8th-grade promotion is just around the corner. Some families like to plan ahead and shop for promotion clothes during Spring Break. Whenever you decide to plan for your son or daughter's promotion, please adhere to the following:

Dresses should be in good taste, with sleeves or straps. Long dresses should not be longer than ankle length to facilitate walking easily. Short dresses should not be shorter than three inches above the knee.

Nice pants and a dress shirt with a collar.

Athletic-style shoes are discouraged.

Hats and sunglasses will not be permitted.

• An optional sweater, tie and/or jacket would be appropriate, but not a tuxedo.

Promotion Requirements

The end of the year is rapidly approaching as we will soon be heading into the 4th quarter on March 18. As a brief reminder, please remember that in order for your child to promote with his/her class, they must earn 44 of the 48 units they earn for the school year. In other words, students can fail one semester class and still promote without summer school. If they fail more than one class, they must attend summer school to make up the missing units and are not eligible to promote until they do so.

If your student is struggling, please contact the school counselor, Janie Lawrence, at or 831-646-6568 ext. 304, and/or your child's teachers and we will help to brainstorm solutions.

Remember: After school study hall is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 3:10- 4:00 pm, manned with a credentialed teacher available to help students with homework. Please take advantage of this service.

8th Grade Field Trip to Great America

The 8th graders received their Great America Theme Park field trip permission packets this week. You can also download the packet below. The packet is due no later than Monday, April 15, 2019.

All three of these items must be turned in together.

1) Parent Permission Slip

2) Medical Emergency Permission Slip

3) $85 cash or check payable to PGMS

Please have your student sign up with their bus buddy at the same time. BOTH students must come to the office TOGETHER to turn in all three items. If you do not have a bus buddy; we can assign someone for you.

All eligible, promoting 8th-grade students may attend California’s Great America on Friday, May 24, 2019.

Students who do not meet eligibility requirements (see handbook) or misbehave at school will not be invited on this trip. Administrators may use their discretion regarding who gets to go to California’s Great America Theme Park.

Dear Parents of PGMS 8th Grade Promoting Students,

The end of the school year is coming fast and it’s hard to believe our 8th graders will be in high school next year. With that said, we are asking for your support to help us prepare for celebrating the 8th Graders’ Promotion end of year activities. We hope to make it a memorable experience for your child. There are several events that the PTSA is funding for your student. We are asking for your financial contributions toward the following 8th grade special events:

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony ~ Decorations and supplies ~ May 30, 2019

8th Grade Promotion Dance Party ~ Food, DJ, photographer and favor ~ May 30, 2019

8th Grade “Breakfast in the Park” last day of school 9am – Breakfast for all students ~ May 31, 2019

If you would like to help out in any way, please fill out the form and mail or return it to the office. Thank you.

Don't Forget...Minimum Day is on Friday, April 5. Students are released at 12:11.

Spring Break April 8-12