Toronto, Canada

This gorgeous city awaits, and is only a country away!

Toronto's Historical and Cultural Amazements

Toronto's history -- an amazing feature revealing how the city came to be. The capital of Ontario and largest metropolitan center in Canada is the place you are reading about! Toronto was colonized by the French and British, therefore has many English and French influences. There is a lot of Aboriginal/native ancestry in the city. Most people practice the religion of Catholic or Protestant, but others practice whichever religion they choose. This metropolis is a place with a wide variety of cultures.

Toronto's Dishes and Delicacies

Soothe your need for any possible type of food you wish for -- even French -- with Toronto's wide variety of dishes! Run by the coast for fresh fish and seafood or stay inland for tender meats! If your favorite is Italian or Chinese, Toronto is the place to go for these popular choices. Of course, there is French influences because of the French colonization of the area. Visitors MUST have a sweet tooth, for maple syrup is a phenomenon in this diverse place! Be sure to enjoy mind-blowing meals in the interesting city.

The Enjoyment of toronto

Natural wonders? Of course. A wonderland of amazement? Toronto should be your first thought! The most amazing natural wonder of Niagara Falls is what millions come to see! During the afternoon, come visit the Toronto Zoo for every animal experience possible. It might also be time for a carnival on the waterfront, a host of many main events.Vacation spots for the family include the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, lake resorts, and mountain resorts! Remember: When you wish for vacationing, fun, and Hollywood-worthy scenery, you are wishing for Toronto!

A familiar language

Diversity is what Toronto is all about, and it is expressed through their language. Though the inhabitants speak many languages, the top two are French and English. Residents obviously speak English because of their British colonization and French because of their French colonization. The people of Toronto have over 100 languages to go with their 150 ethnic groups. With many languages, people from all around the world can visit!

Rain, heat, and snow

Bring a jacket and shorts for Toronto’s perfect weather! The city is located near the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Lowlands, and St. Lawrence River—the best vacation spots. Three dazzling rivers wind through the city -- an astonishing view. Even though the summers may be slightly hot, spring and fall have the most comfortable temperatures for visiting. If you and your family are looking for a place to share a "White Christmas", Toronto's got a 35% chance of this happening! Be comfortable any time of year in Toronto!

Sights, monuments, and marks on land

Needing to see different scenery than your everyday Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty? Toronto is the place for you. You know when you are in Toronto when you see the Palace Pier, the city's version of the Twin Towers! If you have ever seen a very tall building, the CN Tower surpasses all, being the tallest free-standing structure in the world! For you history-loving folk, the Bloor Viaduct is a wonderful monument of Toronto's past and present. The waterfront, though great for carnivals, is an excellent backdrop for this beautiful city. Visit the many sights of Toronto for a change of landmarks that aren't seen everyday!

CN Tower in Toronto



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