Why Do Kids Like Anime?

an explanation to parents from kids

What does anime have that other shows do not?

Unlike spongebob and those kinds of shows, anime has a more of a storyline. Every show leads to the next. It continues to the next episode hoping to have the kid watch the next one that leads to more of what happens.Plus at the end of most anime credits, there is a preview of what will happen next if they decide to continue watching it.

Should I Be Worried about the age rating?


Anime is for kids 13+ and should know what they are going to watch before watching it. Make sure they do research on the anime to make sure there is no mature content in the wanted to watch anime. some anime is not for young eyes. but there is some for kids 9+. Like Pokemon, Naruto(Maybe), yu-gi-oh, etc.

List for starters to anime

  • Naruto
  • bleach
  • Ouran high school host club
  • Kamisama kiss
  • fairy tail
  • Sword art online
  • Fruits basket
  • maid-sama
  • soul eater
  • Attack on titan high school

Contact me if you have any questions about your kids anime

I will try to answer as much as i can. Remember i have school so i will not get to them till, 3:45 p.m.