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It's great to be young and a Foothiller!

Welcome to GHS

In this weeks Newsletter you will find our Random Grossmont Fact, Freshman showcase, Registration Night, Program Highlights: AME Pathway, Registration, Important Dates& Information, GHS Summer Bridge Program and GHS Athletics!
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Random Grossmont Fact:

Did you know that the flag pole out front was once the sight of great contests over the honor to fly the class colors: grey and gold for freshmen, old rose and silver for sophomores, and green and white for juniors. In one of the most truly unique Grossmont traditions—and there have been many the pole was greased as representatives from each class tried to make it to the top. Grossmont’s senior class changed its colors in the second graduating year from royal blue and white to royal blue and gold, which, of course, led to today’s more well-known, traditional school colors.

Freshman Showcase

Freshman showcase is approaching! Don't miss out!

Our showcase is held to inform parents and incoming 9th grades of all things GHS!

  • BBQ: 5-6 PM
  • General Sessions (all GHS information): 6-6:30 PM
  • Student (only) Pep Rally: 6:30-7 PM
  • Parent Presentation: 6:30-7 PM
  • Program and Elective Presentation: 7-8 PM

Ain't no showcase like a FOOTHILLER showcase!

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Need some extra help with your online Registration?

We are hosting Registration night for our incoming freshmen families!
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Program Highlights:


The AME, or Arts, Media, & Entertainment Pathway, is one of our 6 career-based pathways at Grossmont. Students start as either sophomores (in Photography 1/2) or juniors (in Digital Arts 3/4) and finish senior year with Digital Arts 5/6. In that time, students learn the fundamentals of art while creating artwork they're proud of. The goal of the AME Pathway is to introduce and empower students with industry-standard technical skills and real-world experiences so they’re prepared to enter a creative college program or career. Those students receive additional soft-skill training & access to our network of industry advisors to build connections, giving them a strong foundation of knowledge. The Photography class, while optional for the pathway, teaches students everything from camera settings to digital editing in programs like Photoshop alongside composition, history of photography, and different styles of photography. We have in-class photoshoots almost weekly, photographing everything from dry ice to light sabers and creating special effects like levitation and ghosting in Photoshop. In Digital Arts, students have the opportunity to create artwork using digital programs like Photoshop & Illustrator over 2 years. Students create logos, design t-shirts and stickers, and learn how to bring their designs to life using methods like screen printing, sublimation, and traditional printing. Simply put, we make cool stuff! This 3-year program allows each student to develop as an artist in a group of like-minded students and fun real-world projects. Follow along with the pathway on Instagram @ghsphotoda and we hope to see you in our program! Also check out this article in the La Mesa Courier that featured our GHS AME pathway!

registration information

By this time you should have finished your online registration for our 23/24 school year. Not sure if all your documents are uploaded? Feel free to email our counseling secretary to double check! Email her at hcuevas@guhsd.net. If this has not been started or completed please see our links below to help!

What is coming up at GHS:

  • Please make sure to have your online registration done ASAP
  • School Choice closes at 4 PM on February 28th (please see link below)
  • Continue to check emails for course selection coming in Spring!
  • Our counseling staff will be visiting middle school staring in February!

GHS Summer Bridge Program

Grossmont offers an exciting Summer Bridge Program for our incoming Freshmen. It's an amazing opportunity for students to get to know their classmates, staff members and become familiar with the campus before they make the full transition from 8th to 9th grade. The goal is to help them facilitate positive relationships with students and staff to start their high school experience off strong and keep that momentum going!


Grossmont High School has a robust athletics program. We invite you to check out the sports we offer, reach out to coaches, and / or ask questions. We offer Fall, Winter and Spring sports. Grossmont has a history of athletics excellence with a strong alumni association that continues to support our robust athletics program. From first time athletes to experienced club athletes there is a program for you!

Please contact GHS for more information!