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* Harrison Ford speaks out about Epilepsy *

HARRISON FORD Wants You… to Talk About Epilepsy!

Actor, Harrison Ford, talks about a history of epilepsy in his family. He states, "It not only affects the one suffering from epilepsy but it affects the family. It's important to talk about it & hope to one day find a cure for it."

Many people living with epilepsy and the families are so happy to see celebrities talking about this severe medical condition. We really do hope to get more recognition from celebs to help epilepsy get much support and awareness.

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* Cannabis Oil is a miracle to many families *

Angels Of Epilepsy follows the many survivors and families that are working hard and hoping for the cannabis law to be passed for those battling with epilepsy, seizures in the U.S. and around the world. It's so true that this is a working medication for those living with epilepsy. Medications being prescribed by the doctors are having major side affects to the body and some are not managing the seizures.

A family from Missouri has plans to moved to Colorado to save their 2-year old's life that's having up to 15 seizures a day.

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* "A Prisoner Of My Own Mind" by Rhonda Reed *

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Angels Of Epilepsy send our congratulations to a dear friend and supporter, Rhonda Barkley-Reed, who has written a book about her life entitled "A Prisoner Of My Own Mind." Rhonda is a native from Atlanta, GA who has experienced many obstacles in life. As the nightmares came, the reality of life set in and she knew it went further downhill. Being blessed with a gift through visions and dreams at a very early age, she knew this gift was special but didn't realize how much until God used her to encourage others from what he showed her.

This book will be released on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at her book signing party here in Atlanta. There will be mentor, Natalie Beavers from Angels Of Epilepsy Foundation and motivational specialist and relationship expert, Charles Dunn, speaking at this occasion. There will also be red carpet, LIVE music, giveaways, food & drinks, and more!

Location: Fahrenheit Events

2435 Campbelton Rd.

Atlanta, GA 30311

Time: 8-11pm

(more info is located on the flyer under our AOEvents below)

* Governor Dayton proclaims May 9 as Seizure Smart Schools Day *

Great news for many in the state of Minnesota. Governor Dayton declares May 9 as Seizure Smart Schools Day in the state of Minnesota! Coach Kill’s Chasing Dreams Fund supports EFMN's efforts to educate schools about epilepsy and support students with seizures to reduce bullying and stigma.

* Device For Epilepsy *

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Today you can buy a few different devices that identify when you’re having a seizure and call for help. For example, the SmartWatch is a wristwatch-like monitor that detects shaking motions. The watch will immediately send a warning signal to your family members or caregiver if you have a seizure in your sleep.

Another device, called EpDetect, turns your smartphone into a seizure detection system. It sends a report of your health and your GPS location to a family member or friend when you have a seizure.

The medical alert bracelet is a much lower-tech option that’s been around for many years. It contains emergency contact phone numbers and information about your condition. Information like the type of epilepsy you have and your medications help medical personnel know how to treat you in case you can’t speak for yourself.

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* Looking for a home in the Atlanta, GA area? *

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Looking for a home in the Atlanta, GA area? Make sure you call Sheron Robinson - Real Estate Consultant at Global Realty & Associates, LLC


Please visit

Angels Of Epilepsy gives much thanks to Sheron for her support for epilepsy awareness!

* AOE's founder/survivor documentary coming soon *

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Founder of Angels Of Epilepsy, Natalie Beavers, is filming a documentary about her life experiences battling with epilepsy, being a mother, a survivor, mentor, and how she dealt with a tragedy that changed her entire life. Natalie hopes that her life story helps change the lives of many. She's now speaking and mentoring to others about her journey and giving much encouragement to help others who are facing major life obstacles.

Her documentary, "I am Natalie Beavers & This Is my Life" will be coming soon...

Keep up with AOE's newsletters and social media to check updates on this documentary.

* AOEvents & Appearances *

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* Do you know about The Seizure Diary? *

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