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Weekly newsletter for staff 14th June 2019

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • SIAMs - We will be having a critical friend visit in advance of our SIAMS inspection. Shan Brough-Jones will be visiting on July 1st and doing a learning walk focusing on prayer spaces around school. Please ensure that your classroom prayer space is updated with the new vision and values statements and is fit for purpose on that day.
  • Behaviour and Complaints Logs - These logs are now set up in the School Improvement drive and will be looked at by Ofsted (and me!). Please ensure that you are logging any complaints from parents and also any behaviour incidents that you need to report to parents.
  • Photos of Pupils - As per the staff Code of Conduct, please can I remind you that you must not use your mobile phone to take photos of the children when on trips and outings. You must use a school camera or ipad.
  • Target Tracker - Please ensure you have updated to version 15.8 before the end of June
  • Staff Meetings - Please see link below for next term's staff meetings - All welcome
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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 17th -

  • GM out am, CTh cover
  • 10:00 Symmetrikit to service hoists
  • 13:00 KW & SB to see Prvention re WM (Y2)
  • 13:30 CAMHS to see FD (Y6)
  • 1530 SLT Meeting

Tuesday 18th -

  • KF out moderating, CS cover
  • 09:00 Nursery Big Toddle
  • 09:30 Tracy Ashton to see OD & AG (YR)
  • 10:00 KW meeting MS, MB & John Lees NYCC
  • 12:30 KW meeting Martyn Sibley
  • 16:00 KW to RE Network
  • 18:30 Governors' Meeting

Wednesday 19th -

  • KW out
  • KF moderating, CS cover
  • Non- Uniform day - Chocolate tombola
  • 10:30 Tadcaster Grammar to visit Y5
  • 13:00 Christine Noyes to see KH

Thursday 20th -

  • KW out
  • KF moderating, CS cover
  • Able writers 3 x Y6 to Riverside
  • 15:30 KH visiting Barkston Ash
  • Staff Meeting: Report Writing

Friday 21st -

  • 10:00 Norwood Fixed Appliance testing
  • 13:00 Sports Day
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Thank you and Well done.....

Thank you to Karen P and Judith for being constant suppliers of tea to everyone this week and every week. It really is appreciated!

Thanks to Dawn for all her help organising pupils before the dodgeball competition this week from Judith

Thanks to Karen P for swapping with me at the last minute on Thursday afternoon so I could get some paperwork done. It really made my day easier.

Thanks to Siobhan for heading to Riverside with a forgotten packed lunch!

Thanks to Karen P and Claire T for stepping in on Friday afternoon.

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

No more June births that I am aware of.....