Cardiac Surgeon

By: Sathvik Datla

Education and Training

Required education is doctoral degree and 4 years of undergraduate study also 4 years of medical school leading to (M.D) 3-8 years of surgical residency. You would obtain this education after you get 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school 4 years of undergraduate school and 3-8 years of surgical residency. In order to become a doctor you would have to do good on the (MCAT)(M.D) 2-3 year specialized cardiac or cardiothoracic fellowship. Good Schools to study at would be Baylor medical school,Ut South western medical school, and Texas Tech school of medicine

A Surgeons Day

They arrive at the hospital early and must properative patients go to surgical round to gain insight on the surgical managment of patients. Perform operation involving endocryme system liver, colon and other major parts of the human body. There really is no hours but it may take hours depending on the situation. They also go around talking to the patients and giving them confidence. Breaking bad news is the challenging part about their job is breaking bad news to their family and also telling the patients there problems.