Neha Gupta

By: Inez Hernandez

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Get to know Neha.

Neha Gupta is an American citizen. She was born in New Zealand in 1996. She was born from Indian parents. Currently Neha is eighteen years old. In November 18, 2014 she received the Children's Peace Prize for her outstanding effort to raise money for underprivileged children all around the world. One of the ways Neha raised money was with one of her hobbies: sewing. She loved to sew and at the age 9 she bought her first sewing machine and started her own business. "Neha's leadership, vision, and work ethic have helped countless orphaned, abandoned and impoverished children, and most remarkably she was just a child her self when she begin this work," said Eric Barron-Penn State President. Neha is currently in her first year at Penn State College. She is interested in going into the medical field.

Work of Neha Gupta

Neha's work all started when she was nine years old when. This is when her charity began. To this day her charity helps over 25,000 children and raised over 1 million dollars. Her goal was always to help her best friend get a chance at an education. This then turned into a much greater goal. Now does it not only help individuals it includes helping out the community, like helping to build classrooms, buying books, opening up libraries, and prompting education It even pays for health exams and supplies water. Her charity also provides sewing machines to young women to help them start their own business's just like Neha. Neha has had the courage to make a change in her community; many would say she carries some admirable qualities that can even make her a heroine of her generation.