The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

John Boyne

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Primary Setting.

The story takes place in Poland next to Auschwitz (A concentration camp).
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Main conflict

Bruno's best friend Shummel is a Jew living in a concentration camp. And Bruno is a German child with a father as a Nazi soldier high in his rankings.
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2 Events From the Beginning of the Book.

  • Bruno and his family move from Berlin to Poland (Chapter 1). This changes the whole story if they didn't move it wouldn't have the plot it did. Bruno's family had to move because his dad got called up for work.
  • Bruno explores the new house and finds a bunch of Jews next to the house and he doesn't tell dad because he thinks he will get in trouble (chapter 6). This changes the story because it gives Bruno the chance to look around and make new friends and he realizes that they are Jew and he shouldn't talk to them.
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2 Events From the Middle of the Book.

  • Bruno meets Shummel and they became best friends instantly (chapter 10). This needed to happen in the book for the rest of the story to have the story carry on. IF they did not meet Bruno would not have gone in the camp and he would still be alive.
  • Bruno's Grandmother dies of old age (chapter 16). This doesnt really need to happen in the story it didnt affect the plot.
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2 Events From the End of the Book.

  • Bruno decides to go in the camp and Bruno and Shumel die in a gas chamber (Chapter 19). This needed to happen to end the story and for the resolution to take place.
  • Mother and Gretel decide to go back to Berlin but Father has to stay back and help with the Fury (Chapter 20). Father wanted to leave earlier but he had to work and he wants to leave now but he has to stay for work.
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