Ask the Philosopher

sandra omlin

social and political issues

Dear Sandra,

why do you think our world is what it is today? it is completely corrupted and filled with disasters that we have created. is it because of the kind of political system that we live in. what do you think is needed to make our world a better place? they say that the smallest things can make a change, but what can i really do to change the world if i hold no power over it. Sometimes I believe, that if we had more of structural world instead of democratic; taking a walk outside would not be so dangerous. what is your opinion on this matter.



This world that we live in is indeed corrupted, but the corruption is the result of the people who live in the world, not the world itself. I sincerely believe that if we had a system that was more strict; there wouldn't be as much problems as the ones we have in the world today. if we had the type system that Plato once proposed, we would not be living in a world as terrible as today. everyone would know their place in the world and there would not be confusion, because they would either be part of the working class, the government or the military. the difference between my ideal world and Plato is that i believe that people would have right to choose their class and everyone would try to do their part because they know exactly what to do. The Spartans in Sparta used to have a structural society and with this everything was fine in their city-state. Confusion did not arise in their society as well and everyone took their responsibility although their society was military based. A person in our world can make a change but the change would be something minor, because of the fact that they are not as valuable to the world and there is a lot of people who live on this earth.

Meaning of life

Dear Sandra

Is there really a meaning to life? i have always wondered, because what is the point of living life if there is nothing to really live for. My life has been going downhill. everything is just wrong. i learned that the whole point of life is to have fun, then get married and have kids, but i am currently going through a divorce and I have no children. it not only makes me wonder what i am living life for; but also makes me wonder if there is really a supreme God who watches over us and if so why is my life like this if he created me and can change the course of my life.



Yes, there is a meaning to life. we were put on this earth for a purpose and it is our job to find out what that purpose is for us. I believe that the things that we go through in our life is actually preparing us to handle our purpose or job that we are supposed to do. i believe that there is a God who does things for a certain reason but he is a silent God who does not tell us why we are going through hard times. I always say that when one door closes, another one opens so if one thing is going bad for you it is only because the door is closing and another one is opening. The idea that one must live life, just to get married and have children is an illusion that us humans have created and we have applied to everyone. living life to the fullest and finally reaching the moment of happiness is the meaning of life. but i believe when one reaches their meaning of life it automatically changes because we can never be happy forever.


Dear Sandra,

why do we die? why can we not just live forever? I am afraid of dying, it is one of my greatest fears and sometimes it prohibits me from living my life to the fullest. I understand that many people fear it too, but isn't it just like another life similar to this. I know some religions believe that when we die, we either go to place of pleasure and happiness or a place of darkness.



I believe we die because we have reached a point in life where we accomplished all the purposes we have in life. But there is also death, that is not natural that occurs daily in our world because of what we humans have done to it. The idea of not living anymore on this world has made us create a imagine of being lifeless and sent to a place of darkness which is why we are scared of death. There is no one who has died and has been able to come back and explain what happened to them during their days of death. Therefore the fact that we do not know what happens after death is what scares us humans. Death should not be the reason why one should not live life to its fullest because essentially this may be the only life that you get, so you might as well live it to the best of your ability.


Dear Sandra,

can you tell me how do i know that I am truly living in reality right now. is it because I can feel and see things because I realized that i can see and feel things too in a dream but when i wake up i realize it was all a dream. I guess I am wondering how do i know whether or not i am currently living in a dream or if this is truly my reality. This all came to my mind when i watched the Hollywood film Inception and it made me think about things I have never thought about before. Ultimately I am asking what is reality and do you think we are living in reality.


what is reality? This is a significant question.I believe that reality is something that we live in. Whether you are in dream or not, it is still your reality. whatever events go on that occurs at time is your reality because you don't know if your asleep or not. For all we know we could be living in a dream right now, but this dream that we are living in is our current reality. In Plato's Allegory of the Cave, the prisoners in the cave who had the reflections in the wall was living in their reality with the shadows because it was the only thing that they knew, but when one left the cave and seen outside attempted to tell them that there is more to life, they didn't believe him because they did not see it. If you are in a dream ,it is your current reality, until the dream is over. once you wake up the dream and live int he world it has become your reality too.


Dear Sandra

What is beauty exactly and is all art beautiful. Is It true that people see beauty differently. I know what I call beautiful is different from what my friends consider beautiful. I have always wondered what art the criteria needed to make art because i have seen art that is just random paint thrown at the canvas.


what is beautiful or what is beauty is a fundamental question that is hard to define. Everyone has there own definitions of beauty and what is beautiful. Rene Descartes said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is a true statement. I believe every art is beautiful but then what is Art. Art is anything that holds truthfulness, morality and psychological benefits which i believe is true. Art has to make you think, and from you thinking you can decided whether it is beautiful or not. Everyone sees beauty different and different cultures consider beauty different. I think every human body is a work of art, although we may think it has flaws even though it does not. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.


Why do i feel so much sorrow. ever since my mother died i have felt a pain the hurts so much, it almost hurts more than physical pain. I can not do anything without reminding myself that my mother is gone and that very thought itself cripples me. I had many break downs because she was the only thing that i had in this world and the one who has my unconditional love. how can i minimize this pain and why do i feel it so hard if we already knew that she was going to leave either way at some point in life.


Death of a family member is one of the most painful things that us humans can feel because it is pain that we cannot physically take away; It is within us in the mind. the idea if longer waking up to know that your mother is no longer on the earth but in different realm, sorrow has no medicine but time. the idea of losing someone who has taken care of you is quite painful. but it is only time that can cure the pain. it is when we get used to the death and live on in life because that is what the other person who has left would want us to do.


what am I really worth. they say that we are priceless and we are all worth the same, but if that so then why are some people praise more than others. why are there homeless people and rich people. I have always wondered where i'm placed in the world.



Dear Steph

In our world today, they say everyone is worth the same but in reality some people are worth more than others because of the way that people praise them. Singers who have a talent are praised greatly in our society and those who have no known talent are part of the majority. I believe that people are not worth the same, because it is based on what class and economic status we are placed in at birth. The class the person is in is already predetermined by their destiny. one's worth also depends on what country they live, because in some countries men are worth more then women and vice versa.


Is there love at first sight. What is love exactly. I don't know what love is, because i have never actually fallen in love in anyone yet. is it only love between people in a marriage or is family love the same i have always wondered

- Curious


Dear curious

love is socially constructed, meaning that it is a illusion that humans created to have come into existence in a relationship. In a parent and child relationship there is suppposedly love but when a mother physically disciplines their child, people say there is the is no lovel although they do not truly know. We have reated an imagine of what love is supposed to be and if there is no such thing as love then there must be hatred. Love is made up with roles and things that go along with it and once a person is depraved from those socially constructed roles and does not go with the "love" idea, it is seen as no longer seen as love. Love has a different meaning for everyone but i believe it is an illusion for humans to think that some unconditionally cares for them. Therefore there is no love at first sight.