Hillary Clinton

Democratic Candidate

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Below you will find an unbiased summary of Hillary Clinton's stances on a variety of major issues concerning American voters today.


  • Government has no business interfering with women's personal health decisions
  • Support women's "Right to Choose"
  • Opposes efforts to roll back women's access to reproductive health care
  • Will stand up for Planned Parenthood and women's access to critical health services, including safe, legal abortion

Economic Policies

  • Improve infrastructure by creating a national infrastructure bank that would use public and private funds to invest in infrastructure projects throughout the country
  • Provide small businesses with increased access to capital, greater tax relief, and easier access to new markets
  • Make workforce more accessible to women through equal pay, paid leave and affordable child care
  • Encourages "profit sharing" by implementing a 15% tax credit for businesses that distribute profits to employees
  • Supports lifting the minimum wage to $12/hour and possibly even higher
  • Wants to do away with tax loopholes and expenditures that serve to benefit the rich
  • Encourages businesses to invest in long-term growth by reforming the capital tax gains tax in a way that would give greater rewards to investments aimed at creating jobs and future growth
  • Impose strict accountability on Wall Street
  • Increase taxes to fund programs
  • Increase taxes on the wealthy and decrease taxes for the middle-class

Civil Rights

  • Very strongly supports women's rights
  • Wants to fight racism in education and employment
  • Wants to get rid of racism exposed by social media
  • Supports gay marriage - previously known to not support this issue, but has since re-evaluated her position and now supports same-sex marriage
  • Supports the protection of all rights - women's rights, gay rights, voting rights, immigrants' rights, workers rights
  • Encourages making major investments in communities that have been left behind in order to guarantee those people the justice and dignity that they deserve as an American citizen
  • Does NOT want to ban Muslims from entering the United States (unlike Donald Trump) - she supports the continuation of the immigration of Muslims to the United States as she believes that they should not be judged based on the religion they practice because that goes against American policy and laws


  • Voted for the bill that saved the auto industry in during the recession in 2008
  • Wants to limit the power of Wall Street and other banks/corporations in order to prevent another recession or stock market crash
  • Need small businesses in order to save the American capitalist economy and maintain the middle class


  • Supports "Black Lives Matter"
  • Wants to help Americans get away from the legacy of segregation and discrimination in order to treat all people the same, no matter their race or color
  • Wants to rebuild trust between communities and the police and put body cameras on police
  • Stop systematic racism in the criminal justice system (the increased likelihood of African American getting more severe punishments than white men)


  • Believes that marijuana has beneficial medical uses, but will not take a stance on recreational marijuana usage until more research has been done on its effects
  • Need to stop imprisoning marijuana users because the prisons are consisting more and more prisoners of nonviolent, or low-level offenses related to marijuana
  • Federal government will provide $1 billion each year to the states in order to research and experiment with ways to combat drug addictions, especially those relating to opioids and heroin
  • Need to move away from treating the use of drugs as a crime and instead divert these people into drug courts, treatment and recovery


  • Need to get back to teaching discipline, self-control, patience and punctuality to train students for the workforce
  • Teachers aren't getting paid what they deserve, and need to be paid more
  • Provide money that will go towards smaller class sizes, higher teacher pay, and better curriculum in order to extend the learning time of students and parental involvement with their child's schooling
  • New College Compact: the federal government will match money that the states begin to put back into the higher education system, and create debt-free tuition (NOT free tuition for everybody)


  • Persuade Congress to support more investment in clean energy, energy efficiency and research/development (which will also create jobs and economic opportunity)
  • Need to achieve carbon emission cuts as soon as possible
  • Wants to build on the Paris Agreement, which is an agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that addresses greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to climate change and financing for solutions starting in 2020

Foreign Policy/Homeland Security

  • Maintain the military
  • Strengthen alliances and cultivate new parters
  • Stand up to aggressors and defeat ISIS
  • Enforce the Iran nuclear agreement
  • Need to accept Syrian refugees and end Islamophobia
  • PATRIOT Act (gives gov. access to electronic communications in order to increase security after 9/11 attacks) is legal, but needs revisions to require warrants
  • Immigrants are a necessary part of American culture
  • Wants to include undocumented immigrant kids in state college tuition and healthcare coverage
  • Need to continue anti-ISIS actions in Libya with Europeans and Arabs