Playstation 4

Grant Falk per.3


Sony is realsesing a new gaming console this year. It is expected drop in may or june, with a price of 400-500 dollars. The technical aspect of it, is that they put a way better proccesor and memory capablity, added on to the fact it will have way beter graphics. Sony tried to make it more user friendly, so they added in social streaming to communicate easier with your friends. They also made the controller more accesable for gaming.

My opinion

I think the playstation 4 is great idea with alot of cool new features for gaming and interacting. But Xbox is supposed to be releasing there new console, the 720, this year. I think Sony is just trying to keep up with the competition and make more mooney off U.S citizens. Overall if your a gamer I think it should be worth the money.


I think this relates to HEI because Sony has put in all theses new features to make gaming, socail media, and intereacting all over the world easier so that people can connect and have fun.


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