Elena Rubino as a reader and writer

What was your favorite book as a child? Why?

Elena's favorite book is Goodnight Moon because as a child her mom would always read it to her.

What do you read online, or on your computer/phone/iPad? Why does it interest you?

Elena likes to go on Twitter and Instagram with her phone and she connect with Her friends and see what they are up to.

Do you prefer reading on paper, or on eBooks/Kindle/iPad? Why?

Elena prefers reading on a kindle or iPad because it is easier to bring places, harder to loose, and always you can always easily bookmark where you stop reading.

If you could choose anything to write about, what would it be?

If Elena had the choice to write about anything she wanted to it would be vacation. She would write about vacation because it gives good memories and she remembers happy times.

Explain a writing piece from any time of your life that you are especially proud of?

One writing piece that she was proud of was when it was her second grade personal narrative. She wrote about Christmas Eve and how she had snowball fights we they ate very good food and dessert.

Have you ever kept a journal? What did you write about?

In third grade Elena kept a journal about her day and who her friends and family were.