The world of pilots

Airline pilots

A airline pilots life.

Becoming and being a airline pilot is a tough job. You have to do many things to become a pilot and stay a pilot. Pilots may fly hours and days and sometimes don't get to see loved ones much. A pilots job can be fun and you can explore the world and also it can be dangerous. A pilot must be careful when taking of and landing in bad weather. A airline pilot can fly for many different airlines.

Fun facts about airline pilots.

1. When flying for a airline, pilots are usaly referred to as airline pilots with the pilot in command is also known as the captain.

2. Military pilots fly with armed forces of a government or nation state.

3. Pilots aren't allowed to share food that is. As a safety precaution, pilots order and eat different crew meals while on flight.

4. When passing another plane, at night pilots fly lights and or wing inspection to say hello.

5. Pilots are sent back into the simulator every eight months.

Responsibilities of the Commercial Pilot


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