By: Hailee Stevens & Alyssa Frasher

Do you know what chlamydia (bacterial) is?

is an STD caused by a bacterium that infects the reproductive organs and cause a mucous discharge.


*(often no symptoms)*

Pain during urination, Vaginal discharge or bleeding, Pelvic pain.

Male: Pain during urination, Discharge from the penis.
*(often no symptoms)*


both partners take antibiotics at the same time.


  • Transmitted by sex.


Female: infertility, pelvic pain, ectopic, pregnancies, pelvic inflammatory.

male: epidermis, swollen, and tender testes.

infants of infected mothers:
illness and blindness.

**WHERE TO GET HELP** **how to aviod spreading disease**

  • Get help from a doctor. See about getting antibiotics.

  • Avoid sexual intercourse.