School Newsletter- 05 May

Endeavour School - May 5th, 2022

Principal's Message

Good afternoon families,

Welcome back to Term 2, I hope you all managed to get some time with loved ones over the extended Easter Break. Our team here at Endeavour are very much looking forward to a Term that allows us to deliver on the opportunities and purposeful learning experiences that have not always been afforded to us over the past term. These experiences will continue to extend the connections that our teachers have with the children and of course yourselves.

Over the break, I was fortunate to spend some time away with my family in Tauranga for the Mel Young Basketball tournament that both my boys were competing in. As it is often the case with family, they are the best people to keep you grounded and of course offer you the most real and authentic feedback possible. During this weekend I was an unwilling recipient of such feedback. One evening we were chatting about the day, parts we enjoyed and parts we were thankful for and obviously basketball was the context. Somehow the conversation moved to me and my pre game chats with the boys. Harry, in a way that only a child could, to their parents, thought he would (uninvited) give me some feedback about these chats and let me know that they're not that helpful, as I don't really know basketball. While I found this more funny than a brutal attack on my identity as a Dad and a person who has coached him across many codes (however, not basketball), it does remind you of the nature of feedback. How well as adults do we take it compared to how often we provide it to children? Something to ponder for us all.

Below is a quote that I found quite pertinent for me.

When I say I don’t like your idea, I’m not saying that I don’t like you. And if we’ve been persuaded by marketers and politicians that everything we do and say is our identity, then it gets very difficult to learn, to accept useful feedback and to change.

Evolving our choices and our tastes is part of being human. Establishing your identity as someone who is not static, open to change and eager for better makes it far easier to engage in a world where some would prefer us to do precisely the opposite.

Seth Godin.

On the theme of sports, over the next two terms as we become immersed into the Winter Sport Codes, please remember the purpose and reason why children play sports as we go out there to celebrate and enjoy watching them play. I encourage you all to start every conversation with your child 'post match' with "I really enjoyed watching you play today".

Finally, if I could leave you with a little info-graphic Amy (my wife) shared with me, some of you may relate to it.

Warm Regards


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2022 Term Dates

Term Two: Monday 2nd of May 2022 - Friday 8th July 2022

Term Three: Monday 25th July 2022 - Friday 30th September 2022

Term Four: Monday 17th October 2022 - Friday 16th December 2022


Amazing Student Work

My Holiday by Jung Han, LC4.

Last weekend I did lots of things. Let me tell you about it.

First my uncle and my mum’s mum came and we celebrated Easter together.

My uncle and my mum hid the eggs. There were 2 crunching bunnies and 18 small eggs. My uncle secretly brought a pink egg. I didn’t know about the pink egg so we didn’t count it.

After the Easter hunt I couldn’t believe my eyes. My little sister found 4 little eggs and 2 crunching bunnies!!! It was amazing. But I found the mystery Pink egg with 5 little eggs. My dad only found 4 little eggs. After my mum’s mum gave us presents. I got Lego and my sister got a bag to dress up her doll. Then my uncle got silly and gave us horsey rides.

Next we went to Hamilton Gardens and had a picnic. We packed crackers and drinks. Then we went to the Hamilton Gardens playground. We played tag with my uncle. I tried to tag my uncle but he was too fast. My sister helped me to tag my uncle. Then we went home.

After one night we went to Rotorua. It was a long drive. We rode the Luge. I rode it with my uncle. It was a bit scary because my uncle was going too fast. The second time we rode it separately, so I went a bit slow.

These were just some things I did in the holidays and we had lots of fun.

Whats Been Happening?

Goal setting for the start of Term Two!

In LC2 we have again been setting ourselves a goal for the term. This time we have looked at the qualities of an Endeavour Explorer and chosen an individual goal based around these dispositions.

Time to measure up!

In LC3 Mrs Anderson's Maths group has been focusing on Measurement. They have also been learning about how time and change affect people's lives. New Zealand's extinct birds were a fun opportunity to explore this idea. The group researched and investigated the size of New Zealand's Haast Eagle. Then they used their information to create a life sized chalk drawing of the bird. They had lots of fun measuring themselves against their chalk drawings to see if they were bigger or smaller.

Autumn Poetry from LC4

When leaves fall one by one lot’s of kids have lots of fun.The smooth wind rushing by me underneath an evergreen tree. When trees swoosh side to side I can watch them from inside.

-By Mikayla D

I feel smooth wind rushing by me and I smell minty leaves blowing in my face.I feel wrinkly trees.I see beautiful colours all around me.I hear the wind blowing.I hear chirping from the birds all around me.I like the colourful nature around us, its like candy land.

-By Ayda

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Community Notices

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